Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves Announced For PSN

Sony have today officially announced the previously-leaked Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves as a PlayStation Move-required co-op downloadable game in the LittleBigPlanet universe.

“Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves contains a brand new 10 level theme – a dinosaur dominated land where the Evil Big Rex is king,” reads the post. “You are on a mission to take on challenges engineered by Terrance Dactyl – and you’re going to need help. So put on your bear skins and grab up to four mates to navigate the tricky terrain of tropical jungle and erupting volcanoes – the player with the PlayStation Move controller leads the way, flicking switches and triggering platforms to help the others, using DualShock Controllers, through each level. Leap between Dino heads, use the Move controller to blast aside crates of bubbles, ride dinosaurs through prehistoric cities and take to the heights of the prehistoric tree canopy – then team up to defeat Big Rex, all while collecting Trophies along the way.”

Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves will be released on the PlayStation Store on 15th December for €5.99, and is completely standalone – you won’t need either LBP1 or 2 to play it. PlayStation Plus subscribers however will be able to get hold of it a week earlier on the 8th December, when it will appear on the Plus section of the Store for free. On top of that “thousands more LittleBigPlanet fans” will get a code for the game via e-mail on the same day.

On top of that, there’s more news for those looking forward to LittleBigPlanet 2. More e-mail invitations to the LBP2 beta will be going out to PlayStation Plus subscribers at some point in early December, and on the 22nd, a single-player demo of the game will be released to all on the PlayStation Store.

The demo will let players “experience the swinging good fun of the Grapple Hook, rescue some helplessly adorable Sackbots, and see the chaotic multiplayer fun that blows up when competitive scoring mode and some Creatinators armed with rockets are combined.”

You can’t really argue with all of that. Nice to see that fans of the series won’t be having an entirely Sackboy-less Christmas.

Source: PlayStation Blog


  1. Awesome news for Plus subscribers, the new game and LBP2 beta!

    • Hell yes. I love Sackboy, and I love free stuff. Super win.

  2. wouldnt mind giving the beta a try, hope i get an email.

  3. Wait so Plus Subscribers get the full Prehistoric Moves game for free on the 8th of December?

    That’s awesome :D

  4. Great News, i need to get back on LBP again, was so much fun :D

  5. Best thing Plus has EVER done!

  6. Yay!! More LBP awesomeness :)
    Did they make a standalone PSN game out of the ten move demo levels which were announced previously, or are these additional ones? If so, I actually prefer the full PSN game with trophies :) Especially since it’s free for PS+ subscribers! I wonder if it’ll be fully compatible with the LBP costumes too.

  7. The little Sackboy wearing an egg is adorable. I’m sold.

  8. So what does this mean for the stuff they mentioned would be put on the LBP2 disc? Is this it? Does that mean that all that will be on the disc is support for creating Move based levels in the level editor?

    Still, sounds like it’ll be neat, and since it’s free for me, that’s massively teh awesomez :D

    • Just found this in the original PS blog post:
      “The game will be included on the LittleBigPlanet 2 disc when it is released in January.” So it’s stuff they mentioned before, but it will be released on PSN earlier for the people who just can’t wait (like me) :)
      I guess the Move tools for LBP2 will be released with a later update.

    • Oh right, it’s been confirmed that this content will be on the LBP2 disc anyway, but if you want it early, then you can have it… That’s neat :)

  9. Awesome! That means less than a month til more LBPness =]

    That’s a day one purchase for me =]

  10. Does the game fit the keep until your subscription ends thing or is it to keep forever. Also is the email to all Plus members?

    • You will get that game when you buy lbp2. And no you wont have the game when your subscription ends.

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