TSA F1 Championship: Round 6 Results

For week 6 in the championship, we headed to Valencia, in Sunny Spain where it rains mainly on the plains. Quite the set of races we had; full of mystery, intrigue, speed and show downs in darkened libraries.

For the overall standings, you’ll want to be heading to the F1 Championship thread in the forums. This weeks results follow below:

Championship A

After James (in for Mikey) posted a brilliant qualifying time, 1/10th ahead of Beelzie, and 2/10ths ahead of Spoofer, we set off in the most obvious direction round the circuit, towards the first corner. Camdaz’s game stalled him in 4th at the start, and it took quick reactions for Teflon to sweep around him from 6th. Then it all kicked off. At the first corner, James lost his rear end and it span out, causing Beelzie to move over to try and avoid him, crushing the hapless Spoofer into the wall and spinning both of them out, as James’ car rolled backwards and smothered Manorhowze to an untimely exit as the rest of the field clattered into the blockade and all sorts of hell broke loose, as was quite handily caught on camera by Teflon and Spoofer here. Many drivers had to limp their way around the track and back to the pits.

Only Teflon made it through unscathed, so today we get a story from the front of the pack. He then had a huge lead over Camdaz, who’s stall had put him so far back he was able to pick his way through the post-apocalyptic scenes that had greeted him. Beelzie had quickly recovered, though, and was soon right on Cam’s tail until he made a mistake and let Cam escape to try and reel Teflon’s lead in. Both came into the pits after the 4th lap, and both ran wide on the way in, so their distance was maintained almost to the tenth on the exit, but Heedbaw jumped them both (he was yet to pit) and briefly sat in the lead.

It didn’t last long, as he made a mistake out of the main hairpin, and Teflon got past him, but misread what he was doing and ended up in a big tangle, that then had Camdaz right in on it too, with Beelzie fast catching up once more! Teflon just managed to avoid spinning out, but Camdaz was then close enough to pass on the next lap, Beelzie the lap after that, and Teflon made mistakes so that Spoofer’s brilliant recover drive set him right on his tail, and past. Only for Teflon to take 3rd right back at the next corner, and Beelzie to spin out so he could retake 2nd, which he held onto despite a minor braking scuffle on the last lap. Beelzie came home in 3rd, but he and James were both beset by pit stop penalties that dropped them down the order. Of course, it was a great and lucky drive from Camdaz to bring it home for the win, and seize the Championship lead!


  1. Camdaz – 25
  2. Teflon – 18
  3. Spooferbarnabas – 15
  4. Beelzie14 – 12
  5. Matty – 10
  6. SpikeyMikey23 – 8 (James_m2603 racing)
  7. Heedbaw – 6
  8. Aerobes – 4
  9. Daywalker – 2 (DNF)
  10. Manorhowze – 1 (DNF)
  11. Gazo69 – 0 (DNS)
  12. Reck46 – 0 (DNS)

Championship B

Qualifying started without any hitches, everyone was present (with TheCardinal reserving for Gernboes) and things were about to set off but unfortunately Michi had to opt out of the race due to real life getting in the way, meaning he had to go and cook.

Jambo was the fastest around the track, managing to post a qualifying time of 1:40.357 although unfortunately for him he had a 5 place grid penalty (as did Djkaty and AG2297) putting him in 5th. Further down the pack the times were insanely close with AG2297 getting a 1:44.163, Freezebug a 1:44.233, Duncanuaz a 1:44.265, Josh a 1:44.266 and CubsMug a 1:44.268! With just three thousandths of a second separating three players we were expecting a tight race.

The race started with a pile up on the first corner which was caused by Duncan being squeezed down the inside and then making a mistake with his braking meaning most of the cars were in the wall. Duncan quickly apologised (which he did multiple time later too) although this didn’t affect the race as much as you would expect. Ro6 was in the lead after this collision with Jambo hot on his heels in 2nd and AG2297 tailing in 3rd.

It wasn’t too long before Jambo had caught up with Ro6 and accidentally tapped his back end causing Ro6 to spin. At this point Jambo decided to slow right down and wait for Ro6 to recover and retake his position, but AG had now caught up and was not aware of what was happening and tried to gain two places from the accident! Jambo took a look behind him and saw AG and managed to get back up to speed in time which meant at one point AG and Jambo were in first and second, side by side and about to take a tight corner together! Both drivers took the corner wide but AG (knowing he didn’t stand a realistic chance of fighting for such a high position) took it easy on the corner and fell in behind Jambo rather than risk a crash.

Ashgraham had also managed to overtake Ro6 during the incident and it wasn’t long (lap 2) before he overtook AG too as a number of cars did in the pack during the race before AG took a bend too tight and ended up losing a wheel giving him a DNF. The race was quite quiet over the headsets with only around three of us really speaking much which is quite unusual for Championship B so hopefully it will be a bit more lively next week at Silverstone.


  1. JamboGT – 25
  2. AshGraham99 – 18
  3. Ro6afc11 – 15
  4. Yersal – 12
  5. Josh653 – 10
  6. Gernboes – 8 (TheCardinal racing)
  7. CubsMug – 6
  8. Freezebug – 4
  9. Duncanuaz – 2
  10. DJKaty – 1
  11. AG2297 – 0 (DNF)
  12. Michi-Tomoko – 0 (DNQ)

Championship C

After qualifying it was Baxteros in pole position with Ashgraham99 and Manorhowze directly behind him. Off the line Colinbarr66 got a great start and tried to outbrake his opponents around the outside at turn 1. Unfortunately there just wasn’t enough room for everyone to get through side by side causing Manhorhowze to tap Colin’s back wheel, creating mayhem. However Colin quickly straightened out in 4th place but while braking for turn 2, he was spun out, given a penalty then crashed into by a recovering Lfc-Gaz, who had his own problems in turn 1. At the front Ashgraham was in the lead while a collision between Manorhowze and Baxteros sent the “Driving God” into the pits for a new front wing.

On lap 4 the midfield pitted for new tyres. Lfc-Gaz managed to stay in front of Colin after the stop but forgot to take his pit limiter off while exiting the lane. This put Colin right up behind him going into turn 1 and ended up on the receiving end of a tap which spun him out. Meanwhile matty and Manorhowze were battling up front allowing AshGraham to pull out a big lead, only dented by a few spins.

Baconsarnie opted for a long pit strategy which put him in front of Colin in 5th but outbraked himself into turn 1, allowing Colin back in front. Colin was pushing very hard to wipe out his 10 second penalty and ultimately made an error, allowing Baconsarnie back in front to take 5th place. The battle between matty and Manorhowze ended when matty spun out, giving Manor 3rd place. AshGraham took his second reserve win in 2 races with a dominant 12 second lead over his competitors, well done to him.


  1. THLSixthAxis – 25 (AshGraham racing)
  2. Wick15 – 18 (Manorhowze racing)
  3. Squalje – 15 (Matty1209 racing)
  4. Baxteros – 12
  5. Baconsarnie – 10
  6. Colinbarr66 – 8
  7. Icuyesido – 6
  8. Lfc-Gaz – 4
  9. Sympozium_666 – 2
  10. Tonyyeb – 1 (DNQ)
  11. Singraz – 0 (DNS)
  12. SuperJag86 – 0 (DNS)

So congratulations to Camdaz, JamboGT and AshGraham for their wins. The F1 Championship thread is, as mentioned above, the place to head if you want the current standings. As this season’s been progressing, the tech on hand has too, and now several racers are uploading videos of the on track antics. This week’s post-race vents of frustrations start here and continue for a few pages, whilst the repository for F1 2010 videos is here.

This week’s race was revealed last week as Silverstone, England. A truly tough track, where if you’re even a fraction of a second off with your turning, or get your speed just slightly wrong, you will end up in the gravel traps. This will be a major test for all the TSAers involved. Following Silverstone, we’ll be heading to Hockenheim, Germany. Another very high speed circuit, but quite short by comparison. It’ll be easy to find a few tenths with a slightly different set up, and speed down the straights will be a big factor in overtaking.

Sadly, I couldn’t cover everyone’s story in this post, so tell us, how was that Championship race for you? Do you fancy your chances in England in front of many racers’ home crowd? Any predictions on the next winners? Let us know in the comments below!

The Zombie Defence has started, so you should really be keeping tabs on the Community, Competitions and Meets sections of the site, as well as following @thesixthaxis and @TSACom on Twitter for more good times.

This post was written by AG2297, teflon6678 and myself.



  1. Great stuff, i really like reading these results posts. They’re really well written and show things from different perspectives.

    I was happy to get 3rd in Valencia after the mahoosive crash at the start and there were some great battles

    Looking Forward to Hockenheim too, it’s a very interesting track (although that damn hairpin makes me spin tons) :)

  2. Giving Manor 2nd* place not 3rd :)

    can’t believe I dd better as a reserve driver than i did in my champ aargh :P

    • Same for me. I could have done with that result in our championship but never mind, on to Silverstone next and there’s almost no walls to worry about this time :)

      I like Hockenheim and I hope for a good race but its another track where a small mistake can cost a lot of time.

  3. Looking forward to the mayhem that will be the first sector of Silverstone now….

    OK, maybe not, but still, it’ll be interesting.

  4. Awesome Hockenheim, love that track!

  5. err, Hockenheim is a bore off! Don’t do too bad round it though, should be alright. Looking increasingly likely that the finals tracks are going to be from the final 4 tracks, as i can’t see spa (and probably singapore) missing out on a race!

    • Am just not going to show up for Abu Dhabi then :P

      • Thats perfectly fine with me! I don’t see why everyone hates that track, obviously its not great for viewing but its alright to drive

      • I don’t mind watching it but I hate driving on it!

      • I really like Abu Dhabi although the chicane before the main straight is a magnet for online rammers.

  6. Thanks to Spoofer for the vid which clears my good name (?!) from any contact with James in first corner sequence @ Valencia. Sorry fior squeezing Spoofer in the wall and causing mayhem but it was a good race … and was Silverstone this evening. Thanks again all .. and Teflon for being moderator on Sunday evenings.

  7. I had quite a good race which, after I got passed Tef, was made easier by both Bealzie and Tef slowing each other down fighting for 2nd. This gave me a chance to build a gap and then for the remaining laps I kept an eye on the times and was able to drive without taking any risks.
    The 2 or 3 second I lost at the start probably saved me from being involved in the first corner pile up.

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