TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 – #48 Doom 4

One of our more speculative of titles to make the grade, we decided to let Doom 4 retain its position in our library of forthcoming games (as opposed to dumping it into our nebulous “Future List” – more on that later) based on comments from developer id Software. Stoking the hell-fires, the renowned FPS creating studio have stated that Doom fans will be getting their trembling fans on the legendary series’ fourth hellish outing “sooner than they think.”

Is a late 2011 release possible for Doom 4? Definitely. Will it actually happen? [Pick a deity] knows.

What we do know about Doom 4 is the following. It’s “deep” in development. It runs at 30fps rather than RAGE’s 60fps benchmark (id Software’s John Carmack suggesting it will therefore look better than their post-apocalyptic mutant romp), and it will now be published by Bethesda after parent company ZeniMax bought id Software lock, stock and BFG back in June of 2009. It’s also running on id Tech 5, id’s new FPS super-engine, technology that is also powering their aforementioned RAGE game.

We also know it’s not a direct sequel to Doom 3 or a reboot. In fact, if rumours are to be believed, it could be set on Earth akin to Doom 2, when the hellspawn caused bedlam and slaughtered billions on our homeworld. By the sounds of things, Doom 4 could therefore be a return to its roots; moving away from the horror elements found in its third chapter and bringing back pure, balls to the wall decimating uglies goodness.

We respect Doom’s legacy. With id Software’s Creative Director Tim Willits suggesting it will be “even more awesome than RAGE,” a game we’re exceptionally looking forwward to, it may be shrouded in mystery (there are no screenshots of the game available – the imagery accompanying this article are taken from Doom 3) but we’re eagerly waiting on standby. Hell, Earth, as long as we get access to the game’s signature insane weaponry, we don’t care. We’re there. With hell’s-bells on.


  1. I so hope it will be set on Earth, as that would be awesome, and set it more apart from the must come Quake 5. Come to think of it, are there any words of a Quake 5?

  2. If Doom goes back to it’s core gameplay then ‘4’ could wipe the floor with everything else on offer. Give me manic shooting, a million monsters, a barely understandable, loosely connected story and I’ll be happy.

    However, core Doom gameplay + 30fps is not a good combination.

    Please don’t cock this up because you need to appease the consoles id.

  3. I actually thought Rage was the next Doom game so this is a surprise.

  4. i never finished doom 3 which really looked awesome! so lets hope this one looks good as well!

    • Weirdly, Doom 3 gave me motion sickness, as did QUAKE II. Something about ID’s games maybe?

  5. YAY!!!
    I’m SO HAPPY that Bethesda is planning on taking on ‘Doom 4.’

    I just hope they make it extremely realistic looking and extremely effin scary!
    …because Doom 3 only scared me like, once.

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