Cave Story Hitting EU WiiWare This December

We’ve mentioned several times that Nintendo’s WiiWare is not only home to some fantastic original IP, but also a place where indie titles can flourish.  We’ve had some stunning downloadable games this year, but Cave Story might be the pick of the bunch.  The game is a 2D platformer that pays homage to classics such as Metroid and Castlevania.  The story starts with you waking up in a cave with no memory of how you came to be there.  You stumble across a village of ‘Mimigas’ who are being hunted down by the ‘Doctor’…obviously not THAT Doctor.  What follows is a tale of kidnap, rescue and escape.

The game will go on sale from December 10th priced at 1000 Wii Points.

Source: Twitter


  1. Some guy told me about it months ago has a RPG… but its a platformer wow could it be a bit like Symphony of The Night?

    I’ll need to buy this….

  2. Funny, I googled it to see what it is and it turns out to be freeware on PC (just like Meatboy was). There is the japanese version freely available and an english translation patch. From the little I played its really comparable to Metroid or Castlevania SOTC. Looks good, will buy it for the Wii (still eagerly awaiting Retro City Rampage) :)

    • Yeah it was on the PC in 2004 :o)

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