EU Killzone 3 Editions Confirmed

Guerrilla Games have today updated the official Killzone 3 blog with details on the special editions of the game that will be available on release early next year.


The Collector’s Edition will come in a yet-to-be-revealed special steelbook case and contain a PlayStation Store voucher that grants access to a downloadable copy of the game’s soundtrack, a dynamic theme and a “Retro” (read “Killzone 2 remakes”) map pack.

Various outlets will also be offering extra “bonus” vouchers, including the Guerrilla Pack that “unlocks all weapons and abilities” for your first 24 hours online, the Fast Starter Pack which offers double XP for the first 24 hours, and the Unlock & Load Pack that grants you three unlock points to level up your weapons and abilities. Retailers will be announced at a later date.

The Helghast Edition of the game is contained in a cast of a Helghast helmet, and includes everything from the Collector’s Edition as well as an art book, marksman statuette, and all of the pre-order bonus packs.

No pricing is yet available for the editions. Killzone 3 was announced for a US release on Feburary 22nd 2011 way back in September, but an EU date is still nowhere to be seen.




  1. You’ll probably need a mortgage for the Helghast Edition

    • I’ll go to my local loanshark.

    • Property is dirt cheap on Helghan. Well, what little is left standing since the ISA came to town.

  2. Mmmm sweet, my girlfriend is going to be so mad when I buy this.

    • Tell me about it…I’ve already been looking for places to hide the helmet

      • Now there’s a post that looks different to how it sounded in my head…

      • Haha! Beats find the saltine anyway!

  3. It’s out on my birthday…
    this means something, but I can’t think what.

    • Well, hopefully… should be the Friday after US which is my birthday.

  4. Helghast edition is in a helghast helmet!!!!
    i am gonna get that the milli-second it comes out.

  5. This is pretty old news right?? As this was announced at the end of october time i think. Heres some links as well as full details on the playstation fb page.

    but still hoping the EU doesn’t get shafted on this one like LBP2 :(

    • lol should of read the title more clearly :P “EU” … bad

  6. sweet! i’d probably go with the special edition or helghast dunno going to flip a coin!!!

    It costs $130…but I thought I saw it for more a few months back. Oh well, maybe 100 Euros?

  8. kind of like the Halo 3 stuff :P still good to see some good PS3 specials i can get!

  9. “Unlocks all weapons and abilities for your first 24 hours of multiplayer gameplay.”


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