Dead Rising: Case West Gameplay Video

Gameplay footage from Dead Rising 2 epilogue ‘Case West’ has been released by Capcom.  The Downloadable game will fill in the gaps of what happens after DR2, and sees Frank West and Chuck Green unite against the zombie menace.  The Xbox 360 exclusive will be launching in December.

Source: YouTube



  1. These games confuse me profoundly. As I’m on PS3, the only title available is DR2, but I can’t make my mind up as to whether I should get it or not. It looks SO fun and SO boring.
    Maybe I’ll just get Dead Nation tonight instead…

    • I played a few hours of DR2 and wasn’t very impressed with it. Dead Nation is the one hopefully.

  2. looks fairly good to me, shame about it only being for the 360 though. Anyone know what the main story line for this DLC is?

  3. So im guessing these are the two main heroes from 1 and 2? Cool vehicle use btw!

  4. It looks like a sedated version of L4D2. Also, no banter or dialogue between the co-op members. Not convinced.

  5. I personally loved DR2. I’m on my fourth co-op play through and I’m still enjoying it (note it doesn’t take too long to play through). I love killing zombies and this exploits the fun factor of it all. Only downside is long loading screens between areas. If you like decapitating zombies and think they’re hilarious then this is for you. If you’re watching ‘The Walking Dead’ and think zombies are a possible outcome for humanity and no laughing matter then don’t worry about it

  6. Why does this have to be only for the 360. I’m sure many PS3 owners will feel a little short-changed.

  7. Still got to go back and finish this. Won’t be for a while as my Zombie needs are being satisfied by Dead Nation.

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