First Video Of ‘PlayStation Phone’

I’m going to hold my hands up and say I have absolutely no interest in phones and couldn’t spot the difference between a Samsung Galaxy and a HTC Desire if it slapped me in the face.  So I shall let you, dear readers, use your own judgement to decide if this video is legit.

According to Engadget the video below shows the Sony Ericsson Z1 (a.k.a PlayStation Phone) out in the wilds of Greece. A sneaky geek spotted someone using the phone and craftily recorded the device in action.

The device in the video does appear to be similar to previous leaked images of the PlayStation Phone which allegedly comes with Gingerbread on board.

Source: YouTube


  1. Mmmm gingerbreag

  2. That must be the dullest video I’ve ever seen. Why did I just watch this?

    • I thought this, I kept waiting for something to happen and feel a little dirty now. I’ll see myself out.

      • Ditto’d here. Was watching like. If this is a PS Phone WTF is this idiot just messing with the phone type aspects. You wanna do that f’kin get an iPhone. Slide that thing open and let’s get to crackin!

  3. I don’t think that is Playstation Phone. It is Sony Ericsson though but… naw it’s not it.

  4. it looks nice, I’ll most likely be in the market for a new phone next year so if it’s not wahay too expencive I’ll consider it.

  5. Im calling Viral Marketing on this one,

  6. I dunno really, you can’t see ti that well and it’s not really doing anything PSP-ish.

    Tuffcub, how much time do you spend on youtube to find this studd, al lof your source material is from there lol.

    • Studly, that’s me.

      • And the retort hits hard…lmao.

    • Haha sorry, meant Stuff, my keyboard at work has a different layout to my one at home, hence my sometimes rediculous spelling mistakes, as above. Not that I’m not saying you’re studly, I’m sure you’re lovely.

  7. So what part of the guy using his touch screen phone is the part they want us to Belive ls the psp/phone?
    It looked like any other touchy screeny phone to me. I kept waiting for it to slide out and reveal something of interest.
    Endgadget is it? This video must be generating a lot of traffic for them today tell you what guys- I’ll take a shaky video of me using my iPhone, and you can say you have ‘in the wild footage’ of the new psp/phone and we can get your numbers up as well! ;)

    • wuntunzee likes this comment.

      • Do you always talk in the 3rd person? asked seedaripper1973?

      • Indeed. Utter tripe and not worth the internet coverage.

  8. Sorry not seen the Playstation phone pics but it looks like a Samsung phone to me. I Kind of think it actually looks like the Samsung logo at the top of the phone. Im not going to waste my time and look into this as not really interested.

    • From what you can see it could be just about any ‘touch screen’ phone.

  9. Looks more like a Sony Ericsson Vivaz successor running on Honeycomb. Well thats what i think, i dont think its a PSP Phone…

    • See I dont know if you are making that all up or there really is something called Honeycomb. If there is, then all this ‘naming electronic things after food’ must stop. Apple, Blackberry, Gingerbread, Honeycomb. It just makes me hungry for all these tasty foods. I propose the next phone is the Sony Ericson Rice Cake or the HTC Cottage Cheese.

      • All Android firmware updates are named after a dessert; we’ve had Eclair, Froyo, etc Honeycomb is the update after gingerbread ;)

      • Can’t wait for the Crumble, the new joint product from Apple and Blackberry.

      • If they name a phone bacon I’ll buy it.

  10. “craftily recorded” lol

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