First Video Of ‘PlayStation Phone’

I’m going to hold my hands up and say I have absolutely no interest in phones and couldn’t spot the difference between a Samsung Galaxy and a HTC Desire if it slapped me in the face.  So I shall let you, dear readers, use your own judgement to decide if this video is legit.

According to Engadget the video below shows the Sony Ericsson Z1 (a.k.a PlayStation Phone) out in the wilds of Greece. A sneaky geek spotted someone using the phone and craftily recorded the device in action.

The device in the video does appear to be similar to previous leaked images of the PlayStation Phone which allegedly comes with Gingerbread on board.

Source: YouTube


  1. If you’ve got a PS Phone why not film any PS bits (like the control pad) instead of generic menus from anywhere.

    People who know about such things say this is highly likely to be the phone we’ll all find out about on Dec 9th, until then we’ll have to put up with idiots filming boring bits

  2. I wish Sony would just hurry up and announce the phone! I want to know if I should wait and get it, or just get a BB for xmas.

    • they will on december the 9th :)

    • Dec 9th! My contract was up on Nov7th which seems ages ago, if nothing is announced them I’m just taking the plunge with a DesireHD

      • DONT DO IT!!! hold out, you will no doubt just be filled with regret if you don’t…or smugness. One of the two!

      • it will be announced on the 9th then released in febuary?

  3. that could be anything lol.

  4. 1:59 of my life I’ll never get back…..

  5. Wicked, finally a phone a tasty biscuit combined!! I can barely wait!!

    If it is a PSP phone, then I’d say this is a viral “leak” by Sony to hype some interest

    • i agree it is indeed a viral leak my good freind.

  6. what you all dont reconise is that near the top of the phone there is a silver bit near his finger? maybe that is part of the sliding out joypad?

  7. Wow…he just couldn’t do anything else with it? Playing with the screen? C’mon! I wanted to see him slide it open!

    • exactly! if that was in my hands the first thing i would do is slide it out!

  8. Why do all these vids have bad angles or quality?
    I really doubt that was the PSPhone.

  9. Does not look that PSP like to me … not interested if it is

  10. I have already got a Playstation phone , a fully working PS1 emulator on my HTC Desire . Final Fantasy etc all work beautifully . It also has a GBA , Nes , Snes , GBC , GB , Game Gear and Sinclair Spectrum (of course!) emulator on it too.

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