[email protected]: November Update

Winter’s well and truly here, so why not heat the house up*1 by setting your PS3 to fold away while you’re not using it. Think about it, a fire heats you up (good), but produces pollution (bad), whereas a PS3 heats you up (good), helps fight diseases (super good), and increases the size of your internet penis*2 (super duper smashing).

Or if you don’t fancy folding on your PS3, folding is supported on all OS types (PS3/PC/Linux/Mac) so there’s no real reason why you don’t do your bit. If you’re confused about what [email protected] is, or how to install it on your platform, please drop me a line via folding[at]thesixthaxis[dot]com or if you prefer to use the forum, add a reply to this thread, don’t worry if about if it’s been posted before, just ask away.

So we’ve been folding away for the past month like a billion trillion bees, but seems like us bees have been too busy playing in the snow, as we’ve somehow managed to fold less than last month, getting a total of, well, you’ll see below, but it’s less than 1 million.

Team Info

Nope, still not there, so we have another month to try and fold over a million, will no-one win one of three £20 PSN vouchers? Find out next month, when the saga continues.

This Month Last Month Change Score New Points Work Units
621 644 23 9,119,539 661,772 30,185

So only 660,000 points last month, that’s a drop of 3,000 compared to last month. I blame RedStarGlow for his week of reduced folding.

Team Radar

Oh noes, seems Microsoft have brought in some anonymous power to take the focus off other rival folding teams… seems familiar. Anyway, that means I’ve had to gap-fill with lesser known gaming teams, can you guess which?

Project Rank Team Name Points Ahead Overtake in
167 IGN-PS3 43,923,747 12 Years
198 Team Kotaku 35,727,943 N/a
239 Official-ish PS3Fanboy Folding Team 26,046,556 6 Years
242 Team GameFAQs 25,244,995 5 Years
268 Apple Computer, Inc. 21,057,514 4 Years
295 ps3-hacks.com 17,196,605 3 Years
309 Playstation.fr 15,154,210 3 Years
317 Gamespot @ Home 13,652,167 2 Years
319 PS3Folding.com 13,440,442 3 Years
337 [email protected] 11,229,778 2 Years
372 Cheap Ass Gamers 8,696,002 2 Years
388 Official German PlayStation Community Team 8,070,636 3 Years
414 IBM 6,599,477 9 Years
453 PS Forum EU 4,542,737 10 Months
470 Insomniac Games 3,807,560 8 Months
508 ChicagoGamers 2,635,336 5 Months
533 PS3Gen 1,745,344 4 Months
554 SCEA SD FPQA 1,315,001 7 Months
585 Maryland PS3 Team 585,536 2 Months
612 The Gamer Advisory Panel (G.A.P.) 92,607 6 Days

New Members

More of what we love, new people, Hello!

Rank Contributor Points WU’s
1 Sagata 2,883 25
2 eye8have9you3 1,324 6
3 DrNate86 502 2
4 rainydays458 251 1
5 Muted 251 1
6 mcphatty 251 1
7 Hooley 251 1
8 Ahmed 194 1
9 Sting_HP 69 1

*1 – The PS3 is not able to warm your box/cell/flat/house on it’s own. Keep away from fire.
*2 – Internet penis is in no way relational to actual penis size.

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  1. Woo Hoo back in the top 20. I’m aiming at top 15 now. Got my pc slowly folding in the background just need to get the programme for my graphics card.

    • And 29 overall, next stop the world.

  2. been thinking about changing my team to sixthaxis not sure tho as ive spent last few years in the registers team!

    • We have a better community team :), plus there’s the chance to win one of three £20 PSN vouchers :).

  3. Thanks for the honourable mention, I’ll do the odd WU when I can! What does the protein folding aim to discover anyway?

    • Diseases are produce when proteins misfold, [email protected] helps discover why they misfold, which in turn help to discover how to stop them misfolding.

  4. I might just leave the PS3 folding and do other tasks as well. I mean its for a good cause right?

  5. Ah, I made a bit of an effort this month, not a huge amount though. I shall do moar! Would like to get myself in the top 50 :) My PC isn’t contributing much lately as I’ve been on FFXIV off and on, and it can’t run that and folding at the same time. However, I am trying to get into a habit of putting my ps3 before I go to work and having it do a unit, just need to remember to set it away lol

    • Well atm you’re 58th, so you should be there next month. But yes, MOAR!!!

  6. good lord, how my WUs haven fallen!
    blame it on me being unemployed and Naruto Shippuden 2 being addictive!

  7. Electricity bill be damned, I’m trying to heat my flat using as many appliances as possible (hello oven!) might as well contribute some WUs whilst I do

    • oh and for any other cold students, laptops make great hot water bottles

  8. I watched a documentary the other day that made this project hit home properly to me. Obviously I can’t give you a link to it but you can find it on eztv.it, it’s BBC Horizon Miracle Cure – The Human Genome Project One Decade On.

    The show features 3 sufferers of genetic diseases, one young woman had cystic fibrosis, another had multiple recurring cancer and a man suffered from genetic-predisposed alcoholism.

    In each case, it was just a couple of of the ACGT letters in their entire gene sequence which caused the problem, and it really hit home as the show followed their trials and tribulations how a miniscule protein misfold out of billions or trillions can ruin a person’s life.

    An experiment is shown with 250 mice, each of which had a single letter in their entire genome changed at random; one mouse with a single letter changed chose alcohol over water 80% of the time (free choice from two intakes to the cage).

    So, [email protected] is an important project – keep folding! :)

  9. I only started folding as of last week and signed up for the TSA team. Without an operating radiator in my bedroom, my PS3 is now my only source of heat.

  10. could you link me to how to join your folding at home team please would love to join and help out

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