Lunchtime Discussion: Snow

Yes I am aware we already did weather. In fact most of the post is about snow, but I don’t care. It’s freezing (mostly because my jeans got wet when playing in the snow so I’m wearing a random pair of shorts) and there’s a good few inches of snow in Brighton right now, probably more by morning. With most of the country grinding to a halt, something that only the British seem to do even though it hits us most years, how could I not write about snow in games? Or snow in general in fact?

At this very second every bus service in the fair city of Brighton is suspended, and it looks like the trains are shut down as well. Essentially I’m going nowhere further than the corner shop, and even that will be viewed as a daring trek on par with an ascent of Everest. Nathan Drake never had these issues as he made his way through the snow, although I suppose it did look rather pretty. Then again it’s unlikely that Drake ever had to catch a bus in a British winter, he only had to defy death, a trivial activity by comparison.

Of course Roach and Soap probably had things a bit tougher at that Russian airfield in Modern Warfare 2, although it didn’t look quite as good as Drake’s snow. I don’t suppose it matters that much when Russians are chasing you down on snowmobiles, you probably don’t notice that marks in the snow don’t hang about quite as long. With all the snow blowing in your face it’s pretty hard to notice anyway.


Where am I going with this? I’ve no idea really. How about some questions, are you enjoying the current snow? Do you have any? Is it irritating you? Do we have it tougher than Drake? Probably not in all honesty, catching a bus can be tricky but no-one is trying to kill me (most days).



  1. We’ve got almost no snow where I am (Peterborough-Cambridge) so I can’t see what all the fuss is about. :)

    • Bloody Cambridge and it’s boring weather. I want snow!

      • You would soon get sick of it when it past the 3 feet deep mark, and it’s still falling.

    • i thought we had some snow in cambridge this morning, it appeared to be coming down quite quick and looked like there was a lot outside, when i got out on my bike it was about 1cm!

      • LOL yup, I thought the same in Newmarket this morning

      • Here on the north western corner of Cambridge it’s more like a dusting of icing sugar rather than snow. Certainly not enough to cause any disruption.

      • THis is the UK remember. I’m sure a little disruption is possible ;)

      • The A14’s broken most days anyway. A bit of icing sugar makes no difference. :)

      • Icing sugar? Not sure it tastes quite the same.

  2. I think that there is too much snow in videos games…

    .. Or maybe I am just bitter because in any FPS online map that is based in snow I always do shit on it..

    • im with you on that, everything seems to blend in.

      no snow up here in blackpool, just a bit of ice. i always strangly enjoy driving in snow

  3. Snow in gaming is the new lens flare, its everywhere, nothing compares to Uncharted2 though, not even KZ3.

    Not much snow here, what we do get is pretty ‘wet’ and that’s about it, disappointed.

    Hearing about everyones else’s snow is getting tedious. I want some fun! Will have to make do with last year’s Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe on the snow reporting in the media

    • Saw someone trying to sled on an upside down ironing board. That was highly entertaining :D

    • In my opinion, both Uncharted 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 have the best snow.
      The blizzard in MGS4 is amazing.

  4. Didn’t really hit us that hard in Cardiff. A smattering of snow. The usual octogenarian vultures at the supermarkets buying twelvety-five loafs of bread per person. People looking at me strangely as I go out in a t-shirt (and nothing else – *shrivelled zing!*).

    Uncharted 2 snow. Just incredible. Very much a weather effect utterly nailed. If Killzone 3 can do the same, they’ll be laughing. Oh, new to my list of awesome weather effects – the monsoon storms that hit you in the Hard Rain chapter in Left 4 Dead 2. Pure insanity and awesome for it.

  5. Lots of snow where I am (Leeds), although it has stopped falling for now. Got stuck yesterday for about 3 hours because of the lack of buses/trains. Supposed to be going away for the weekend so am a little bit worried about that…

    If it was as fun to play in as the snow in Uncharted 2 I wouldn’t have a problem :)

  6. “pair of shorts and there’s a good few inches”

    • There’s brackets man! BRACKETS!

      • What is it with students and shorts (even recently ex-students) you can’t move in Loughborough for the hoards wearing shorts & flipflops whatever the temperature

      • I think it’s a sporting students thing, had a lot of that in Bath as well

      • Oh I wear 3/4 jeans in summer and I’m poor so can’t really afford to buy too many pairs of jeans.

  7. Was meant to go to Uni on the bus this morning but it never showed, neither did the next one. I’m hoping that the 12:30 one does, the snow has melted a little bit now, only have about 3 inches left.

    • when i was at uni in bath, it didnt take much snow to stop the uni buses cos the university was on top of a massively steep hill!

  8. Kent is covered by about a foot o it. Loving it, although I’ve had to walk into work, still tryin to convince the higher ups to let us all go home and play in the stuff!

    • Don’t I know it? One of our offices just outside of Kent didn’t open today as no one could make it in.

  9. Theres too much bloody ice on the streets….

  10. 20cm in essex

    • The girls’ll be over the moon.

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