Sony TV Packs A PS2!

Still smarting about Sony’s decision to remove PS2 backwards compatibility from the PS3? Then how about buying a TV with a built-in PS2 to plug your PS3 into.  Sony obviously thinks some of you will be interested as it has produced the KDL-22PX300.

This is a 22″ HD Ready TV that packs a PlayStation 2 console into the TV’s stand.  While the TV has an HDMI input and will show 720p video on its 1366×768 panel, PS2 games play in SD, albeit upscaled to the panel’s native resolution as would happen with any LCD or Plasma TV.


Available only in-store from Richer Sounds, apparently due to the low numbers available, the TV is priced at what seems a pretty reasonable £199.95.   For £219.94 you can include a 5 year guarantee that will help your PS2 reach the console’s fifteenth birthday!

The TV does not skimp on features either.  Along with the built-in PS2, which remember will play DVDs and CDs too, you get BRAVIA Internet Video.  Available video inputs are 4 HDMI sockets, 1 SCART, component and VGA.

Suggesting the base simply contains a PS2 Slim mainboard and that there has been little electronics integration are some of the other connections.  The set features two Ethernet ports and two digital optical outputs.  Presumably one of each for the TV and PS2.  There is also a analog audio out for you stereo fans.

I have to admit to my initial reaction being that this was some kind of joke.  While there is no mention of the KDL-22PX300 on Sony’s UK site, a search of Sony’s European support site turned up the TVs manual which makes it abundantly clear that the product exists and that there is a PS2 built-in, as you can see in this extract:

Why now Sony, why now?  Or is it a case of why not?

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  1. Nice for those who want a TV with these sort of specs and play the PS2 regularly.
    Now when’s the 3D PS3 with play TV bravia coming out :)

    • Or my mum, who needs a new TV and is insane for Singstar.

  2. I’m with you on this, Greg. Very much a case of “What The ….?” but part of me thinks it’s quite cool. Installing GT5? Why not enjoy an hour of Shadows of the Colossus while you wait (and not have to hunt around for your old PS2). As a second TV (in the back-room, etc) I can’t help but think this would sell to a small niche of Sony fans and parents who want to give their kids something for the bedroom whilst still having the PS3 in the main room.

  3. Just need to make the Tv 40″+ and 1080p and I would want one of those!

  4. Will sales of this TV count towards PS2 sales? Still creeping up!

    Richer sounds are awesome. My Dads been buying from them for like 30 years.

  5. Interesting, cheers Greg, also the 3rd paragraph under the image doesn’t make sense to me.

    • I think the fact that there are two Ethernet ports and two optical audio outputs suggests that the TV’s electronics are completely separate to the PS2’s with just the video connection running internally. That’s all. If I was to swap the flip-top lid on my PS2 Slim with a slide-over one, it would look a lot like the TV’s base.

      Also forgot to mention you get a single DS2 included in the box.

  6. This si an absolutely fantastic idea!
    If my 19inch tv goes pop anytime soon I am definately buying this. For less than £200 its an awesome deal.

  7. Thats pretty interesting, albeit a generation too late.
    Agree with the first post, a 3D Bravia with built in PS3 would be a whole different kind of awesome.

  8. As soon as TV’s with DVD’s built in i pursumed they would release a PS2 inside a LCD…took far to long to happen though. They should make a PS3 version on 40″ LED

  9. Interesting, but you can get PS2s for £40 nowadays. I might get this tv in a few years.:)

    • Yes, but this is a TV as well. ;-)

    • Although true on one level….where can you buy a new PS2 nowadays? No retailers are stocking them. So if you have one and it goes belly-up you either have to get repaired or buy second-hand.

  10. I’d rather buy a PS2 to be honest. Surely it would have been a better option to re-include backwards compatibility into the the PS3 as cheaply as possible and combine that with the TV!

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