Killzone 3 Will Have Online Co-op

Looks like the orange-eyed cat is out of the bag, with news that Killzone 3 will have split-screen co-op when it launches in February of next year. But what about online co-op? We contacted our source to see if we could wrangle any more information about the leak, receiving the following anonymous statement.

“Guerilla Games wanted to improve on Killzone 2 in every way, which means campaign co-op. Both online and offline.”

There you have it folks. We trust our source, but expect an official statement from Sony and/or Guerrilla on this topic any day now. Until that statement is made, we understand if you want to treat this as a rumour.

Source: Dark alleyway, drenched in gloom and secrets.



  1. Brilliant news, been after some great campaign co-op games ever since RE5. Roll on Feb’.

  2. that certainly is some good news. Can’t wait for this.

  3. If you guys are right, then that’s one hell of a scoop you’ve got.

  4. WOW!

    I so thought that if KZ2 would have had this feature it would have been flawless for me.

    KZ3 on a 3DHD and with my bros and buds co-op will be sickness in a can!

    • will it be able to do co-op in 3D ?

      • I really hope so, if not it will still be off the hook without 3D.

      • Almost certainly not. It’s too visually distracting to have two 3D viewpoints at the same time, so it’s not going to happen. Sony are even working on tech that can have TVs displaying two completely distinct 3D viewpoints, so that you can play local MP in 3D and not see the other’s viewpoint.

        A big part of how and why there’s even local co-op is because the engine has to be able to run the game at an effective 60Hz, for 30Hz to each eye. So the only real difference here is that it’s two player characters, each with 30Hz, rather than one.

      • theres a method of doing it that projects one view point to one person wearing the glasses and another view point to the other person without even splitting the screen. don’t know if it will appear in 3D, but you need the 3D glasses to achieve this

  5. This will certainly increase replayability. I just wish they’d have a more responsive control scheme for picky players like me…

    • KZ3 beta controls are far more responsive than KZ2 – alienating many of KZ2’s hardcore fans in the process. Still, the franchise should now gain the mainstream backing deserves

      • I think the control tweaks are pretty much spot on. The beta is awesome with such attention to detail, it will be the best looking game on the ALMIGHTY PS3!

        I think hardcore fans [me included, I still have the original KZ] wont be disappointed. Would be nice if they released a patch for KZ2 so everyone could update the controls, having both 2 and 3 play the same!

        KZ3 and R3 are gonna be EPIC!!!


      • its a shame. i loved the controls. i hope it still has that killzone flavour though

      • It’s not the controls that alienate the fans, it’s the loss of the tactical element in the multiplayer due to the new spawn system (which turns the game into camping central) and the replacement of the excellent server list and custom games with a broken matchmaking system (the end of TSA boots as we know them). Add to this that the Killzone2 standard rifle is almost absent and there are only LMGs, SMGs and shotguns instead, along with a few strange class/weapon/ability combinations, and you’ve got a lot of very disappointed fans :(

      • Agree with yogh_wayne 110%

        The game’s taken one or two steps forward, but seemingly fallen off a cliff with the removal of so many KZ2 functions that defined the game so much.

  6. What about splitscreen online?!

    • did you read the article? lol

      “Guerilla Games wanted to improve on Killzone 2 in every way, which means campaign co-op. Both online and offline.”

      • Did you read his question?

        He asking if you can play split screen online Like black ops or resistance 2.

        The article states that there will be online co-op and off line co-op, but that doesn’t mean split screen online, now does it. MW2 had online and offline co-op, but didn’t have split screen online.

      • I was taking the article as split screen offline, online as it said co-op online/offline, but I see what you mean.

        I guess it probably wont. Would be the nuts if it was though.

      • I thought it meant split-screen online as well but rereading the article it does look like just split-screen co-op. Fingers crossed for online though like Blops, it is so much more fun taking on the rest of the world as a team.

  7. I’ve just pre-ordered KZ3 on the back of this news. I’ve got a feeling that KZ3 could be a cracker.

    Great site, btw. This is my first comment, so a big ‘HI!’ to all.

    • Friendly bunch aren’t we ;)

      • haha, just realised that no one welcomed him until now. Welcome markyUK, probs best off introducing yourself in the forum. A lot more loving going on in there ;)

  8. i have no doubt in my mind. this will be epic

  9. I didn’t get into KZ2 until late on but do love it. I am really excited by the third installment!

  10. I remember the guys at OPM revealing co-op in FirstPlay. Guerilla got really eggy about the “leak” which pretty much confirmed its existence.

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