TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 – #34 Modern Warfare 3

There was always going to be some interest in relation to where Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 would ultimately land on this list of Top 100 Games of 2011. Unquestionably one of next year’s landmark titles, now that Generals West and Zampella have broken free of the never-ending loony bin (and taken most of the patients with them), the jury’s still out regarding just how good the next Modern Warfare may or may not be.

That said, there’s no doubt Infinity Ward still attracts the cream of the crop (five thousand people applied to the studio after the much publicised Activision-related implosion) and you can bet your last dollar the much-maligned publisher will not only pour money into the project as is the standard practice for their flagship series, but are eagerly looking forward to proving a certain point. That being Modern Warfare is an Activision property, not an Infinity Ward property. Cut off the head of the snake, even gut half its body, and Modern Warfare will just smile right back at you before promptly destroying the competition without barely breaking a sweat.

With Call of Duty now firmly a perennial franchise – with tertiary studio Sledgehammer working on another, different CoD game – the likelihood of the annual media blitz surrounding a new Call of Duty launch roughly eleven months from now is almost guaranteed.

What we’ll get in Modern Warfare 3 is something of an unknown factor. It’s almost like when a band reforms without its enigmatic lead signer. Whether Modern Warfare 3 resurrects itself as more Faith No More than INXS remains to be seen.

Such unwariness has obviously lingered in the backs of our collective hive-mind when we were scoring the titles for this feature. We definitely still want another Infinity Ward Modern Warfare, and despite the legions of naysayers who will predictably react to its placement on this list with negativity about both the series as a whole or the validity of this entry even being a bone fide Infinity Ward title at all, you have to at least admit that this is going to get real juicy the closer we get to launch.


  1. Looking forward to this, even though half the team has left, I reckon this will enable the new leaders to bring a fresh approach, while still keeping the essence of the MW series.
    I deffo prefer IW to Treyarch, IMO: MW2 > Blops. Storywise, I thought the MW2 was more fun, and the characters were far better (this is something IW got right with COD4 and MW2). Blops’ online is almost unplayable, the lag is horrendous, and connecting to parties is problematic to say at the least.

    • The online on Blop’s is indeed near unplayable, nearing a joke.

    • again! this man speaks the truth! you keep beating me to comments gazza, which isnt that bad as it means i dont have to do that much typing!

    • I prefer Black Ops and World at War over MW2 and even COD4. The story in BO was much better than the heap of crap MW2 which was a massive disappointment.

      Also with Black Ops online I’ve suffered from a few disconnects but that’s it. Otherwise it has been fantastic, I’ve barely noticed any lag and the only party problem I had is when Murdo and I ended up on opposite teams, which wasn’t actually an issue as it resulted in a Youtube battle that I won.

      • ooof your lucky. I didnt have discons at first but now, its every game. most dont even start for me. they fail in the loading screen

  2. *resigns*.. oh no hang Killzone 3 must be higher.. common sense has prevailed!

    • i’m guessing its in the top ten?

    • Top Ten starts on December 22nd. You have to wait until then to find out!

      (Unless it’s not in the Top Ten, of course. In that case you’ll be seeing it sooner. Just saying.)

      • I am really getting tired of COD games, but I agree with Tuffcub Killzone 3 must be higher!!!

      • Kovacs, you might end up starting a riot if Killzone 3 is not in the top ten. Just saying. And you are such a tease.

  3. Black Ops was a serious let down! I’m hoping IW can bring the series back to standard!

    • multiplayer wise, IW dont even have to make a new game, Just use cod4’s multiplayer with tonnes of IW made maps, guns from all eras etc. id be happy with that, basic killstreaks. uav, air strike and chopper. they werent overpowered in 4. thats the way i like it.

      • Completely agree. CoD4 still has the best online of the lot.

  4. Infinity Ward doesn’t exist I thought? I’m confused by this article as to which developer is doing what. Respawn Entertainment doing Modern Warfare 3 or is it up to Activision to choose from their arsenal of devs?

    • Activision own Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward are making Modern Warfare 3. West and Zampella left Infinity Ward and formed Respawn. Respawn are making an FPS that has nothing to do with Modern Warfare. Respawn are working with EA through Ea’s Partners Program.

      • Thanks :) It’s a shame their creative genius is used for shooters and not dance games. I joke, but only about the dance games.

        Infinity Ward are still with Activision then. From all the news surrounded the issue I just didn’t grasp what was happening in the end other than the new formation of Respawn Entertainment. I have barely played Black Ops but from what I’ve played so far has been brilliant. I only played CoD online for CoD 4 and I loved it until one day I just stopped and never touched an online aspect of gaming again for a very long time. PvP on World of Warcraft was even too much sometimes but I think I’ve gotten over my multiplayer fear phase with some solid performances in One In The Chamber and Team Deathmatch. I will see how the game goes for me when I return to it next week but in actual relation to this article. Do we really need to see another CoD game in just 11 months?

  5. I think MW3 will sell well purely for being a Call of Duty game. But will it sell to the hardcore as much? Or will they defect to respawn? I don’t know at the moment.

  6. Every call of duty from now on will most definately outsell eachother, look at BLOPs i know people who were saying stuff like “man i gotta get black ops to see if it kicks MW2s arse”. With people like that the hype will only get bigger imo. Its only infinity wards call of duty’s i will be buying from now on, BLOPs was a joke.

  7. I think I’m kind of over the COD games now, BlOps just didn’t do it for me, and I think the series peaked with MW2.. I am interested in seeing what Respawn come up with tho.

  8. Blops is an abysmal joke of a game. Treyarch should be fired from the series. That’s twice they’ve made inferior games now and you know what they say. Twice is a pattern.
    Mw3 is a day one for me, because even if west and Danielle aren’t there I reckon the game will still hold the fun element that makes it so good

    • I thought twice was a charm?
      Or is that three times?

      • I thought 3 times is a charm but a bit of research proves I was still wrong
        “Once happens all the time; Twice is a coincidence; Three times is a pattern”

  9. One of the principle reasons I buy the COD games each year isn’t because I prefer them over anything else, but because my friends who are less gamey always end up getting them and I like to play with them. A few of my friends played nothing but MW2 until Blops came out, and now play nothing but Blops. Regardless of the developer, MW3 will be a huge success because it has the COD title, which is the selling point to most people.

  10. I feel like i’m in the minority that thought Blops was great. I enjoyed the Campaign and i’m really liking online.
    I havn’t played this much CoD online since CoD4. I tend to stick to barebones and wager matches though because I always get owned on the normal playlists lol

    • @chunkymunky – I’ve not player campaign yet but am enjoying MP side of BLOPS. Liking the fact that some of the arguably unbalanced kill streaks are gone. Liking hardcore modes. For some reason I didn’t get on with CoD – WaW but am liking this – not as much as MW1 and 2 but still good. I’m a little thrown by all the lag comments re BLOPS – I’m playing it on 360 and seems pretty lag free thus far.

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