Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Getting ‘Super Sports Pack’

Oh my!  New premium DLC has been announced for NFS: Hot Pursuit in the form of the ‘Super Sports Pack’.  This will contain twelve new events, new achievements/trophies, and some shiny new cars.  It seems that bigger is better with this DLC, as the cars on offer are:

  • The Bugatti Veyron SS
  • Porsche 911 GT2
  • Gumpert Apollo

They come in Racer and Interceptor flavour, and can help weight loss as part of a calorie controlled diet (not really).  Of course, the Veyron SS is well known for destroying every other lap time on the Top Gear board, but the Apollo has also held that coveted top spot and we can’t wait to see what they can do in the game.

No timeframe or prices have been announced.

Source: Press Release


  1. Awesome game is awesome

    I’m too busy progressing through both careers to worry about extra content yet, but who could say no to a Veyron SS and the Gumpert… will get this as soon as I complete the main game.

    • I totally agree…I am also too busy progressing through the career mode and failing to beat some absolute cheats* on my speedwall!

      * bastards**
      ** awesome drivers better than me

  2. Schweeeet!

  3. Yep i am also totally engrossed in the career to worry about extra content just yet. Clever of them to push free DLC with the YouTube vid and then follow up with some paid stuff.

    Has anyone else had the shock of coming from GT5 to this or the other way around? Dam it takes a few races to get to grips with the change in handling etc!

    • Yeah, I’ve tried swapping between them, it’s tricky. I’m working on the career too, didn’t stop me from buying the rebels pack though… but that was just additional cars and not events. Will be picking this up at some point, hopefully it’ll cost the same as rebels, 2-3 pounds that is.

      • I tried the same between prologue and burnout, that was a right pain.

  4. Cannot wait until I can get my hands on this game in the new year :)

    • I was thinking about getting this game in Jan/Feb but the new Motorstorm and Test Drive games are out around then so I’ll more than likely give this a miss.

      • The world weeps at you missing out on the best racer this gen

      • After playing Motorstorm at Eurogamer I will probably give it a miss. It wasn’t bad, I’m just more excited to play NFS than that.

      • Isn’t Burnout Paradise the greater racing game?

        Sorry… heh-heh

      • Despite its critical acclaim, I hated Burnout Paradise. I think it was because there were only a couple of finishing points so it all felt repetitive. Loved Burnout 2 and Revenge though :D <3 Crash mode

  5. I’ll get this after I’ve finished the main events too. Looking forward to these. This games a keeper just like Burnout Paradise so I’ll get the odd DLC if the price is right!

  6. I’ll definitely pick up the DLC at some point, but the game is being neglected by me at the moment as I’m currently hooked on GT5.

    I feel a bit guilty for not playing it, as it’s such a great game, but whenever I switch between this and GT5 it takes a while to adapt to the different handling characteristics, so I’m sticking with GT5 for the time being!!

  7. Need to resist picking up Need For Spped until I’ve ploughed through all the games I have waiting.

    I take it the online is still going strong?

  8. New cars are all well and good, and new events are fine (as long as they are Hot Pursuit / Interceptor, no more time trials thanks), but I’d really prefer some new multiplayer modes, and maybe something to do in free-roam as well…

    • I think the variety of MP modes is okay for now, I hate games that water them down for the sake of it. What other modes would really work?

      As for something in free-roam, I agree. It’s pretty pointless as it is, but don’t see how they can add that now.

      • I’m no games designer, but off the top of my head, they could expand the online modes by adding co-op races / chases… e.g. team of racers escaping AI cops, or team of cops pursuing AI racers perhaps.
        As for freeroam, depending on whether you are cop or racer, I would imagine they could add in the odd random opposite every now and then. E.g. if you are a racer, add the occasional AI cop spotting you speeding and setting off after you? And the opposite for coppers – having the odd racer show up on the map for you to chase, and both modesw could add XP based on how you did… I would imagine it could work similarly to how the occasional car would show up in Burnout Paradise for you to chase and shut-down.

        I’m sure a ‘proper’ designer could come up with more…

  9. love this game… will certainly pick this one up=)
    hoping for some good christmas stuff aswell…

  10. Quality game much better than that other reacent driving simulator game and a lot more fun autolog is fantastic keep em comin

    • That other? You implying that Hot Pursuit’s a simulater? :p

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