Starhawk Dated by Retailer

We saw a story appear this morning on the internet which caused quite a string of excited profanity to flood the Towers. We had a little discussion about whether or not to share that story as the source wasn’t a confirmed one.

We decided that the story needed a bit more checking before we ran it. So, we got in touch with a source of our own and it appears that the story is correct. Starhawk, the much anticipated follow up to what some still consider to be the PlayStation 3’s best online gaming experience (Warhawk, if you’re wondering) has been given a retail date by GAME stores.

What is that date? February 4th 2011. That’s less than two months away. Whilst this retailer scheduling is not confirmation of a date, it is a reasonable stab at when they expect to be able to gear up their pre-order displays and sales pitches. I can barely type with the excitement.


  1. OMG. I better clear my schedule!

    • Not to cause any crap but I heard it was a hoax

  2. Weeeeeeeeeeee. It’s safe to say that whether this is true or not, the mere mention of Starhawk has made me giddy like a schoolgirl.

  3. Bloody hell. Beings it’s on GAME’s release schedule it will be a full retail game, and not just a download then.

    Hopefully StarHawk will be making the rounds at the VGAs.

    • So was warhawk though, both digital and full retail release (all be it bundled with a headset…)

      • was both on launch for a limited time
        then became dload only
        (retail ver came with headset)

        this game will be wicked, still play whawk now & then
        one of those games you never tire of & doesnt look outdated
        but gameplay is what makes it awsome

      • (all be it bundled with a headset…)
        my bad

    • i really need to read all posts b4 i comment
      blushing smiley face would be here if poss

  4. Hopefully it’s out after I escape these Uni halls… so I can play online.

    • ditto! Warhawk remains the most fun I’ve ever had playing online. I’ll never forget my first epic flag capture…

  5. Yeeeeees!

  6. Wonder if the mega busy EU blog updates hinted at eariler today will mention anything about this. Cant wait to see it, should be great.

  7. Hopefully its available as a digital download as well, my lazyness has been a large factor in clocking up over 500hrs on it

    • 500 hours!? Woah! That’s both impressive and worrying.

  8. Don’t think it will release that soon and so close to Killzone3.

    • It does seem odd. There are a ton of great games launcing in Q1 next year. Mass Effect 2, DC Universe Online, Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, Dead Space 2….

  9. I lost my downloadable version of warhawk once my ps3 died.cos i had trouble with the system i had redownload it so many times.and i cant deactivate a ps3 thats dead and a right off in the workshop.(super gutted) BUT the other day my lovely gf got me the retail version for 4 quid from cex. ;) happy days are here again.
    (still think sony should reinburse me my 20 quid tho and all 3 map packs)

  10. Hated Warhawk, maybe I’ll like this one though.

    • I never got the appeal of it either, maybe this time around.

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