3rd Birthday Shower Scene Reason For Rating Hike

Fans of the Parasite Eve series will remember a certain scene in the second game guilty of getting a lot of gamers hot under the collar. Disturbed from slumber, protagonist Aya Brea decides to have a shower and then fight a monster. As you do. This infamous “Parasite Eve Shower Scene” is embedded below in case you’re so inclined to figure out what all the fuss is about. In fairness, it’s very tame but, how and ever, back in 1999 it was kind of a big deal.


Speaking to Famitsu, director of the next chapter in the series, The 3rd Birthday on PSP, Hajime Tabata has revealed that it, too, will have a risque cleansing segment. It’s also the reason why the game has received a more mature rating in Japan. Tabata said:

“To be honest, with this the CERO rating went up. I wanted to apologize to the publicity and management staff, but they all said ‘This is okay!'”

Producer Yoshinori Kitase also chimed in with some reasoning as to why the titillating scene is appropriate for the game in question. He stated:

“I was hoping to have The 3rd Birthday played by a wider audience, so I was cautious about the inclusion of the shower scene. However, one of the main elements of the game is also the appeal of Aya, so in the end I accepted it. It’s really become a suggestive scene.”

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  1. Well if it’s anything like that scene, I couldn’t see a rating hike in EU and US. Very tame, SFW really.

  2. I fail to see what’s suggestiveabout that scene, even by the stricter standars of yesteryear.

    Fairly impressed by the CGI water, though!

  3. I would call this sexy, but then i relised that this was a square enix game and since most of their male characters already looked like girls i decided to not take the risk that this was actually a male character in fancy dress and decided to just admire the water effects and graphics

  4. Imagine if Heavy Rain came out back then…

    • It wouldn’t have, come to think of it the same fate would befall any game with a sex sceane e.g Dragon age, Mass Effect 2….
      The list could go on.

  5. So that was a girl/woman, yes? If so, ugh! Scarily thin with no female form at all. Swing and a miss.

  6. Don’t see the problem, but dam the graphics look quite impressive.

  7. Back when CGI cutscene’s were the norm :)

    As much as I love the progression of in game graphics, it does make me sad that less and less studios do CGI now.

    • Agreed, I love a good CGI cutscene! FFXIII had some stunners, but I can’t think of anything else I have played recently with them. Shame.

      • Dante’s Inferno had a couple here and there but nothing to write home about. Just seen the latest Deus Ex 3 trailer though and that looks like it’ll be CGI a-plenty.

  8. I finished PE2 ages ago in my Resident Evil phase, but I don’t remember that scene…

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