PS Phone Prototype Benchmarked On Video

Engadget seem to be the PlayStation Phone headquarters these days, as they have been sent yet another video of the device.  It shows the phone running Qualcomm’s Neocore benchmark app, and as you will see it manages an average of 24.4FPS.  As Engadget points out, whilst this figure is disappointing (and half of what the Nexus S can achieve) the software and hardware are more than likely unfinished.

Source: Engadget



  1. Still want this big time, but starting to think ill just buy a PSP2 for my next mini gadget.

    • I took the plunge and bought a HTC HD7, and the PS Phone would have to come with a free Audi R8 to make me regret my choice!

    • Yup, PSP2 for me as well. If they come through on the design and specs.

  2. Engadget make a good point that it only gets half of what a Nexus S does.

    Hoping and presuming that it’s not final hardware :/ because if it is there’s something wrong lol.

    • Having said this, I must resist the urge to get a Nexus S until I see final working hardware of both the PSPhone and Galaxy 2.

      The Nexus S is very tempting :(

      • I would highly recommend the HTC Desire HD, it has higher specs than the nexus s, includes HTC sense, which is wonderful, and is not plastic.

        I recently bought my desire HD and the benchmark reaches 57.6, which is currently the highest i have seen, including the nexus. The only real benefit of the nexus I see if the NFC reader, and at this point in time, the technology will not be utilised enough to warrant a purchase, for me anyways

      • It’s only one benchmark, but so far I still can’t see any reason for me to get a PSPhone over my Galaxy S.

    • Assuming that the PS Phone is not the much awaited PSP2 (or the phone version of the PSP2), then why would something be wrong?

      The PSP is using tech which is 6 years old. The Sony MIPS based CPU only runs at 222 MHz, compared to the Nexus S which has a 1GHz processor and dedicated GPU.

      What I find difficult to believe is that Sony would release a phone that is potentially so much slower than any other top end Android mobile, considering that I would imagine that the price is going to be at the high end for a smart phone.

      No scratch that, after remembering the PSP Go I can believe it :-/

  3. Probably best that people don’t get too hardware obsessed and just stick with a device that does what they want and is loaded with great games, apps, etc.

  4. Get an iPhone ;)

    Looking forward to the iPhone 5. It will change everything. Again. Again?

    • It won’t change anything unless you are a sheep who insist on having the latest shineyapplething, in which case it will be the bestest thingy EVAH!

      Until they release a new one.

      • How’s that Blackberry working out for ya?

    • i 2nd that. Better games at 59p than at £20+. Why would i get anything else :-)

      • I would rather pay £20+ for a really good PSP game… the problem this? that many good ones are from Japan and a few of Sonys first party studios.

  5. I remember a while ago TSA ran an article on an invitation that went out somewhere that had the 4 playstation icons an a phone icon next to it for an event that was dated for yesterday. I was wondering if anyone, especially TSA had any information on this event and what came of it. I’m looking forward to some concrete details on this device.
    After entering the world of Android with a low end Galaxy Apollo I was somewhat disapointed with the specs, but I can hold out for the PSPhone, I’m just wanting to know how long I’ll have to wait and what I’ll be betting for my wait.

    • yeah in french wansnt it?

    • Not heard a peep about it; although that’s not to say nothing happened.

      • I thought it was the 12th the “event” was for? Or the 7th? If it’s the 12th then we might still be waiting for some info.

  6. seen better graphics on a ds. why leak footage that shows shit??
    i still think this is a scam,its just a regular fone with a bad game in the making ;)beacause sony are the best quality gadget developer and would blow people away and this clearly does nothing what we aint seen already if not 2 years ago.

    • Neocore is a standard Android benchmark app. It is not showing what quality of graphics the phone can produce, just the speed that it can run the Neocore app. The graphics look the same no matter what Android phone it runs on.

  7. if the psp2 and phone arent the same device then sony have messed up badly in my opinion.

  8. If this is the PSPhone then how come it has Sony Ericson written at the top?

    • Because Sony Ericsson make the phone? I don’t understand why that would be confusing.

    • What did you expect it to say?

  9. Don’t judge the phone until the thing is 100% finished and announced with full specs.

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