More Uncharted 3 Details

Are you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the Spike Video Game Awards? Well, here is another little teaser about the upcoming Uncharted 3 reveal courtesy of Naughty Dog.

The upcoming trailer will have ‘some pretty big twists’ and ‘jaw-dropping moments’.  Only a few hours to go before we find out what Nathan Drake is going to be clambering over in 2011. While you wait, check out the video below.

Source: YouTube



  1. *insert girlish squealing here*

  2. Wish the VGA’s will hurry up

  3. Will there be a stream available for us in Europe?

    • I think GameTrailer’s offering a stream. They did with E3, I’m not sure though.

  4. I’m seriously pumped, I bet it’ll be awesome.
    For anyone wanting to see the show, but aren’t getting acces to Spike’s stream, here’s a more european-friendly one:

    • thanks loads

    • Thanks a lot. You saved my day:D

    • I open your link, choose Spike TV but there is nothing, only 2 ads. Is it working at the moment?

      • Hmmm… I’m getting “Deadliest Warrior”, complete with the Spike TV logo and the occasional commercial break. I can’t guarantee it’ll work but it seems so to me. Unless I’m mistaken, the pre-show starts an hour before the actual event, I guess we’ll know by then.

      • It works. Thanks!

  5. Drake’s gonna shoot Elana? That nearly happened in the last game. I can’t wait!

  6. Imagine if Naughty Dog did a Gran Turismo, (a new version of GT Concept) and Polyphony Digital did a new Crash Bandicoot, he always said he wanted to try something different, would be interesting.

    • Nathan would have 5x the polygons, ultra-real, and the background would be low-rez.
      On the other hand, it would be cool to have a Nissan skyline dodging some chopper missiles… But I guess split/second already did that :p

  7. Well colour me excited….

  8. what time is it for us

  9. Ooh this is exciting! :)

  10. Can’t wait. No announcement can top this.

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