More Uncharted 3 Details

Are you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the Spike Video Game Awards? Well, here is another little teaser about the upcoming Uncharted 3 reveal courtesy of Naughty Dog.

The upcoming trailer will have ‘some pretty big twists’ and ‘jaw-dropping moments’.  Only a few hours to go before we find out what Nathan Drake is going to be clambering over in 2011. While you wait, check out the video below.

Source: YouTube



  1. I love Uncharted. I can not wait. I hope its a long story. I loved playing the story on the other two and at one point I stopped playing so the wait wouldn’t be too long for when I finished UC2.

  2. It seems the Uncharted 3 trailer is the most atractive aspect of the VGAs this year. I’ve heard its about 2 minutes long, and “shows more of the game than most people probably are expecting”. Sounds goooood.

    Let’s not forget about Resistance 3, Mass Effect 3, new Tony Hawk game and probably a new SSX also making appearances, + lot’s of unanounced stuff. Geoff Keighley also said a “special guest” from the gaming-industry will announce a new big game. Interesting to say the least, only one more minute now :)

  3. It seems it’s stopped working, atleast for me… Not too much of a loss though, Gametrailers is updating extremely quickly with the new trailers in HD, head over there guys!

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