‘Chrono Cross’ Heading To PSN

The Square Enix Twitter account has now busted through the 20,000 follower mark, and to celebrate they are going to release the classic RPG ‘Chrono Cross’ on the PSN.  The sequel to the highly acclaimed ‘Chrono Trigger’, Cross sees you play as ‘Serge’ who one day slips into an alternate reality in which he had drowned ten years earlier.  What follows is a complex tale of dimension travel and, of course, saving the world.

Producer Shinji Hashimoto, who manages the Square Enix Members Twitter, did not give a time-frame for the game’s release, or even a region.  Our major worry is that as the game was only ever released in North America and Japan, the EU may miss out again.

On a side note, apparently Square Enix has another surprise on the way to commemorate the 20,000 follower feat which will be “something other than a download game”.

Source: Andriasang


  1. At first I was like; Yaaayyy!
    But then I was like; Awwww…, when I read it may not make it to Europe.

    Chrono Trigger is one of the absolutely best games I’ve ever played, so I’d definitely give this a try if I were given the opportunity.

  2. Should you have played Chrono Trigger first or is it stand-alone?

    • I’d like to know as well.

      • Well it’s been classed as a sequel, but sounds a completely seperate story.

    • It’s pretty much entirely standalone, in fact, I think Chrono Cross was set a few hundred years after Chrono Trigger. For those out there who haven’t played Chrono Cross, watch the intro video, it’s got such great music:

      I remember watching that on the PS1… my TV didn’t properly support NTSC so everything was a weird yellow.

      • It’s not a couple of hundred years. At most 15 years apart, since Kid was raised by Lucca.

        But yeh, it only references the Trigger no need to have played both. The game has been ported to DS so those who havent played it should buy it.

      • Ah, right, my memory is pretty fuzzy about Chrono Cross, I’ve not played it for years.

      • This game had a superb soundtrack. ‘Dream of the Shore Near Another World’ is a fantastic piece.

      • Holy shit, YES. I’ve been dying to try this game for a long time as i’ve listened the shit out of the soundtrack.
        And i agree with Peco, ‘Dream of the Shore Near Another World’ is a great track. My favorite on the OST.

        You need to check out Scott Peeples OCReMix of that song:

      • That’s cool. I do own the original on my DS but never got round to playing it!

      • Then do yourself a favour Nate. Play it.

  3. My god, Dan. What did you make that banner graphic on… Deluxe Paint? Ha! :-)

    • Deluxe paint.. that brings back memories :)

      • Deluxe Paint was the best! Best paint packages of all time.

    • It’s actually from the game :oD

  4. If this never makes it to Europe I will be seriously pissed off with Sony. Everyone should be able to experience this game.

  5. i’m not gonna get excited about this until i know it’s coming to europe.

  6. I played Chrono Trigger on an emulator years ago. What I want to know is why they haven’t re-released that game before Cross?

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