PSN App Coming Soon

You may have noticed that the EU PlayStation website has been revamped when accessed through your PS3. New layout, style, and, fittingly, Move support.


It’s all very welcome, but what about a PSN smart phone App that will let you log in to your account on the go, queue up downloads, and generally always be connected to your PlayStation profile?

TSA reader bap10 thought he might enquire, asking SCEE:

Do you think we will ever see a mobile phone app for logging into the PSN to send messages and push demos and bought items to the PS3? Or even something along those lines for the PC?

Sony’s response? Emmanuel Orssaud replied:

“I’ve got another post planned for this week which should answer your questions about the app. *wink*”

What would you like to see in an official PSN App? Pop your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll pass them on to SCEE.

Thanks, bap10.



  1. Would make sense if rumours about the PSPhone are true, which also hopefully means it will be available on Android as well as iPhone…

    • I was thinking the same. An Android app is a must.

  2. Being able to queue up downloads would be pretty cool. Or even just log into your PSN account and message people

    (Better be coming to Android too)

  3. Been annoyed at the lack of web access to psn for ages.

    Queuing downloads & messaging is a must, in fact messaging on your phone would be easier than using in-game xmb

    • I normally text my mates when I’m on the ps3 playing with them I’m quicker that was so that would be great, although wouldn’t it be logged in at two places and log you out?

  4. Being able to queue and set off push downloads from your phone would just be amazing – is so annoying when you see something good released on the Store but you’re away from home, then when you get back you have to start the download and wait ages…

  5. I hadn’t noticed the Eu Playstation website has been revamped when accessed through the PS3 but I will when I have a look later.

    • I went to it but it told me to view the revamped HD version i had to connect to an HD tv and the resolution was wrong, even though I’m connected to an HD tv thru HDMI….

  6. Oooohhhh shiny!!! Hope it comes to iPhone

  7. A great idea!
    What a boost to sales it would bring :D

  8. I’d prefer something that I could use with an android device, that OS seems to be taking the world by storm particularly in the last 12 months. Why limit it to something that only works on apple products . Both would be best .

    • It’s presumably going to be web-based, I’d imagine so anyway.

      • There’s an Xbox 360 app that does this kind of thing. The PSN app will probably follow that trend. And as they are building their PSP phone on Android technology, I wouldn’t guess they’d leave those out. In fact, giving that they’re threatened by Apple’s success in the gaming market, I’d be tempted to predict them leaving iPhones out

    • It’s unlikely it would be for just the iPhone. I’ve updated the article to simply state smart phone rather than iDevice.

      • Cor, not in my developers world. It’s strictly iPad, iPhone, iPad, etc. I’m hoping it’s generic here, though.

      • Still says iDevice here.

      • The only place the grubby “iDevice” word still apppears is in the URL. That can’t be changed.

  9. Access to the Store and queueing downloads would be excellent but it might just be the same stuff as is available when you sign into your profile at i.e. your friends list, trophies and modifying your player profile.

  10. Wow this is a great piece of news. So far this year I have done all my Xmas shopping, girlfriends 30th, booked tickets, and all my other web based shopping, via my iPhone. This means that I can spend even more time trying to get RSI in both thumbs!!

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