PSN App Coming Soon

You may have noticed that the EU PlayStation website has been revamped when accessed through your PS3. New layout, style, and, fittingly, Move support.


It’s all very welcome, but what about a PSN smart phone App that will let you log in to your account on the go, queue up downloads, and generally always be connected to your PlayStation profile?

TSA reader bap10 thought he might enquire, asking SCEE:

Do you think we will ever see a mobile phone app for logging into the PSN to send messages and push demos and bought items to the PS3? Or even something along those lines for the PC?

Sony’s response? Emmanuel Orssaud replied:

“I’ve got another post planned for this week which should answer your questions about the app. *wink*”

What would you like to see in an official PSN App? Pop your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll pass them on to SCEE.

Thanks, bap10.



  1. I’m not gonna cheer before I read this post. I’d love an official app though. Check trophies, push demos and bought items like he said, send messages on the fly. Haven’t really thought much about this before now. An app would be great.

    • iTrophies is pretty good if you have a quid to spare. It can struggle a little on a 3G signal though.

  2. The question doesn’t mention iDevice and neither does the answer, so where do you get “iDevice” from?

    It would be ridiculous if they only launched an app for iDevice, considering Sony makes Android phones and the upcoming psp phone runs Android.

    • I’ve updated the article. We don’t know what platforms are planned so it now simply says “smart phone.”

  3. Please , pretty please consider those of us on nokia os, I know its not all that popular os but we still need the love , Sony listen to me…..(all goes quite)

  4. I had a Nokia once. I also had a pair of fluorescent ear-muffs. Not a proud moment. Liked the ear-muffs, though.


  5. I do loads of Internet stuff through my iPhone nowadays, and even have iTrophies app which let’s u compare trophies with friends and check your last few trophies earned. This would be an awesome addition, especially if u could remote play somehow and access the store and downloads. Maybe they’ll develop it and let us access hard drive features like psp remote play or is that hoping for too much…..?

  6. Access to the PSN store, with the ability to d/l minis and PS1 games straight onto your PS Phone. Messaging friends. Making me cups of tea.

  7. re the new homepage
    when entering dob to watch a video, always says not recognised
    normally hit 1/jan then yr
    tried my actual dob, as thought it may read ur psn dob, but still no joy
    yes im over 18, unfortunately quite a bit

    any1 else get this?

    • scratch that… working fine now, as oppose to release on mon

    • Man that was an effort to read. We like full English here if you don’t mind :-)

    • Reads to me like he’s on a phone. It’s okay. I can decipher it quite easily. It’s the comments from people with full access to a keyboard that read like Arabian shorthand that I have a problem with.

  8. that’s pretty cool i say.

  9. Would it be a likely app on any idevices though? Mobiles and other media players with access to wi-fi I can imagine, but considering appple have a very healthy base in the portable gaming market at the moment are they really going to add an app to their system that supports purchasing games from a competitor? I know in general the quality of games for portable gameing on PSN and the app store are worlds apart in quality, but still, it’s principle of the thing.

  10. I’m sceptical, I’ve seen the shambles Sony have made of software before. SonicStage comes immediately to mind.

    I’d love it to allow me to queue downloads, message mates over PSN and view my trophies online but I can see it being a clunky disappointment.

    • Wow. SonicStage. I had completely regressed that nightmare. One of the buggiest applications I have EVER used. I was a developer at the time (back in the old days of the MiniDisc) and I remember thinking: “If I had coded this, my manager would have me shot.”

      • I know, it was dreadful. I used it with a little purple Walkman MP3 player I had, it was so very very awkward, though nothing has changed on that front since I got an iPhone and have had to tolerate iTunes!

    • Constantly just shat the bed and FROZE. Also, none of the functionality actually WORKED. It was like they threw in a load of bloatware and then didn’t actually put the back-end in. Horrible.

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