Dark Energy Tease Hydrophobia “Pure”

Earlier this year we played Hydrophobia from the Xbox Live Arcade and we loved it. We thought it was innovative in a way that bridged a gap between traditional full retail disc-based games and downloadable titles. Unfortunately, some critics didn’t share our enthusiasm and the game’s review scores were quite polarised.

It appears, however, that the guys at Dark Energy Digital have been listening to all the critics (even though most critics didn’t want to listen to them…). They’ve just sent us a little teaser to let us know that they listened to all the feedback, good and bad, and they’ve got something up their sleeves. They won’t be telling us exactly what it is just yet but they’ve told us to keep an eye on their website (it’s a countdown, for now) and they’ll let us know what their surprise is really soon.


What we have noticed, is that the web address includes the word “Pure” and features a sign stating that there is “Purification in progress”. What could it mean? Knowing the guys at DED, it is bound to be closely tied in with the comprehensive narrative and back story they set their game in (Save the world, kill yourself…).

Having seen some of their secret tech when we visited the studio back in October we’re also hoping it features some of the very clever ideas they explained to us which we barely begun to understand.

We’ll let you know on Monday.



  1. I’m intrigued. Really quite enjoyed Hydrophobia.

  2. Looking forward ot seeing what this turns out to be.

    This reminds me I need to get in touch with them and try and wangle a look at the CFD back-end for work :P

  3. Hydrophobia was the biggest let down of the year for me, baring GT5. So much promise only to be met with terrible and repetitive game play coupled with awful voice acting and ps2 visuals (albeit with some nice water effects thrown in). Cannot honestly believe they are doing a sequel.

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