New Shooter 2 Video Shows Online Battles

Dylan Cuthbert, President and Executive Producer of Kyoto-based Q-Games, has popped back up on the Official US PlayStation blog to showcase the online mode of their sequel to the awesome PixelJunk Shooter. Check out the video below as two shooters face off.  As Dylan himself explains:

We created a special cat-and-mouse type game which has you and the enemy take turns as cat or mouse, either scouring the stage for the other player or running away from him. The trick being that the “mouse” is invisible to the other player unless he views you directly, so you can sneak around collecting the survivors and transporting them to your base. Each survivor that goes into your base is an extra point. But watch out: When it is the other player’s turn to play mouse they can steal them back if they are cunning enough.

Source: Official US PlayStation blog


  1. That is bloody awesome. Not only did I utterly love the first one but the fact that they’ve added what looks like a stupendous multiplayer aspect (in addition to the already wonderful local co-op in the first one) is nothing short of incredible. Especially considering it’s a small(ish) PSN title.

    PixelJunk… you have my respect. And my money. :-)

    • Oh, and the new single player levels with the lights out? Awesome fun.

  2. Looks cool, seems to be a slightly similar mechanic to the multiplayer on The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    • Easily had my money from the get go, although that was partly due to the brilliance of the first Pixeljunk: Shooter

  3. Release this already! The first one is one of my all-time favorite PS3 games!

  4. The multiplayer really does sound great fun, hope Monsters get’s some online love to.

  5. If it had co-op I would definitely buy it.
    Since I rarely buy games and it hasn’t got co-op, Il now have to consider it. (Havent switched on my PS3 since september :S)

    • Looks like I’ll be a bit disappointed. Co-op was wonderful but I’m looking around the place and can’t see a sniff of it this time. Arses.

      • I had a worrying skim-read and double take moment there where my eyes married the words “sniff” and “Arses”.

  6. Ha ha ha ha, its effing awesome

  7. Any idea when it is due?

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