PES 2011 PS3 Getting Update Next Week

Konami has announced that the latest free update for the PS3 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 will be available on December 21st.  Since the games release they have been all ears and this update takes into account user feedback which include the following improvements:

  • Defender AI has been adjusted to allow for more consistent pressing
  • The difficulty level and success rate for performing Rainbow Flicks has been adjusted to improve gameplay
  • Throw-ins can now be passed back immediately
  • Cursor switching has been improved including situations when the ball is crossed
  • Calculating transfer fees in the Master League has been reworked
  • Names above CPU players can now be switched off as they mimic player settings
  • Shooting has been tweaked to produce more realistic reactions and results depending on real-time situations
  • Chants within the game have been refined or changed

So did FIFA or PES win your custom this year?

Source: Press Release



  1. I didn’t buy a football game this year and don’t think i’ll be bothering. Too similar from previous years. I’ll wait a couple of years i think so all of the cumulative small changes mount up.

  2. Played this pretty solidly until NfSHP came out, loved it & it’s representation of highly tactical football & the master league is unrivalled, will come back to it soon

  3. hmm… we have already ready had everyone of these changes in the prev update

    • Yeah I think this is a list of the changes that came in the update a couple of weeks ago. As far as I know the next update just includes new strips & boots.

  4. It was FIFA for me until a random keeper with no name and a rating of 65000 appeared on my team. Don’t know where it came from and I couldn’t delete it. It also caused my game to freeze every time I tried to start a new career… I think that’s a glitch Bethesda would be proud of

  5. Hey, Dan isn’t this to update the kits of Ireland and many of ze French clubs next week as well?

    • The PR didn’t mention anything about kits, just the bullet points :o)

  6. sorry dude, i dont get get whats happened, we may be getting a new patch, but those arnt the patch notes
    ive been playing with no cpu names for almost a month
    everything listed above was in patch on 24th(ish) of november

    • Well even The Konami Twitter account are linking to articles with the same press release as this – so im not quite sure what’s going on then.

      • We’ve had this patch for a while, it’s the US that are getting this on the 21st.
        Europe are getting DLC on the same date, I imagine some new wallpapers, boots etc

  7. get get get. if there any chance we can have an edit feature for christmas

    • Wait, there’s no edit feature this year?

      • if thee is, it doesnt display on the prehistoric ps3 browser
        same asno icon next to search bar

      • Yes in master league that would be good for a custom team, I don’t quite understand why its been removed since PES 10

      • It’s one of the things I loved about pes, it’s always nice to create your own team.

      • lol… i meant a tsa post edit feature
        no worries

  8. ^ hells teeth
    i cant write a post without an err
    playing dcuo without sleep cant be helping, in my defence

  9. Hey Dan, I know this has already been mentioned but on konami’s news page, free DLC (updated kits and new boots) has been announced to be released on December 21st. No news of an new patch and these patch notes are for an older update (v1.2 released 24/11/10).

  10. i haven’t played a soccer game in a long time!

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