New Arkham City Images

As Peter’s already said, we’re really starting to grasp at our Christmas straws at this point in terms of news content. Good thing TSA has scheduled a wealth of content over the holidays from monthly recaps to the thrilling conclusion of that list.

Though not exactly “fresh off the press”, here are some new shots from Batman: Arkham City.


Watch as the Dark Knight pummels a goon with a door, and check out Hugo’s immense beard. Never mess with a man who sports chops that could ensnare a small animal.

Source: Press release



  1. looks good can’t wait to get it

  2. He has got the sinister hands right.

    • Lol, what are sinister hands?

      • Image 4 “I wish I had thumbs”.

      • lefthanded-ness, sinister comes from the latin word for left. Fact. :-)

  3. So does this first photo possibly suggest that the environment around you is more destructible and that it is possible to use parts of the environment as a weaponry.

    • Id take a guess at it being a weapon/shield for a bad guy or a handily left lying around car door.

  4. not viewable on ps3 brower… humbug

  5. Really hope it’s as good as the Arkum Asylum what is in my eyes one of the best games this gen!

  6. Damn they look awesome. I honestly cannot wait for this game and it’s one of my most wanted games of the year.

  7. All looking good so far. AA was excellent so I have high hopes for this one also. I just hope the completely uneccessary multiplayer component doesn’t ruin the game, ala Bioshock2

  8. Looks great, but wasn’t mr Strange older in the trailer?

  9. looks great, still don’t know why its Arkham City though, seen as Arkham isn’t even a city!

    • It’s explained in its Top 100 entry. Off you go …

  10. Looks brilliant, cant wait for it to come out, definitely in my top 5 games next year :D

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