Castlevania DLC Detailed

Two DLC packs for Konami’s Castlevania revamp, Lords of Shadows, have been detailed. Entitled ‘Reverie’ and ‘Resurrection’ respectively, the first sees (actually, hang on, spoiler warning) Gabriel help Laura destroy the recently unleashed evil now rampant since the Queen was killed.

After completing ‘Reverie’ players can then download the second chapter. ‘Resurrection’ continues directly after the end of the main game, offering even more insight into Gabriel’s destiny. The second DLC pack is also noted as being “larger in scope than the first add-on, as it features a final showdown with a very notorious enemy.”

Expect both add-ons in early 2011.

Source: Press release


  1. But what if we don’t want to complete Reverie before trying Resurrection =P God, Konami just don’t think of us awkward people sometimes…

  2. Played the Castlevania demo a couple of days ago and came away really impressed. Definately going to pick it up if its in the Jan sales.

    • Played it for 5 seconds. GOW/Dantes/Bayonetta clone. Meh.

      • My opinion exactly. Didn’t impress me at all. And after such an enthusiastic review from OPM as well. Then again I stopped trusting them after they spoiled Heavy Rain just three months after it came out.

      • Definately has a stack of similarities but I haven’t played a God of War game since #3 was released back in March so it all felt quite fresh to me :)

    • It’s a great game if a little long. It’s not often I find myself concerned at the length of an action / adventure – they’re usually too short but this clocked in over 20 hours with me I think and could have done with some snips here and there. Really enjoyed it though and looks lovely.

    • You can get it for c£18 at the moment without looking too hard.

  3. Nice one, need to get the main story finished soon then :)

  4. Finished this game a couple of weeks back and have to say it is definitely one of my favorite games of this year so it’s great news that there is DLC on the way.

    I wished more Developers produced DLC for Single Player campaigns as I feel that this is always heavily centered on Online modes.

    Without giving anything away I am very keen to see what they are going to do with the DLC that takes place after the main game. Will be very very interesting !!!!!

  5. i have the game but if i can complete it i will consider the DLC, really stuck on the Titan on chapter 2, the game is suprisngly hard :/

    • Is that the Ice Titan?

      • no the titan after that, the huge one where you throw the rocks back

    • Ahh yeah, that one’s a little iffy. Especially when you’re trying to stab it in the head.

  6. I enjoyed the demo but due to the lack of money and the fact my brother enjoyed it more my brother bought this. Dunno whether he’s finished it but i will be sure to tell about this.

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