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That’s right people, we’re exchanging the word Lunchtime for Christmas. That’s just the kind of crazy radicals we are here at TSA, exchanging words for other words. I know it may seem like lunacy, but give it a chance. Anyway how was Christmas? Have a nice day? It’s nice of you to be revisiting us so soon after the big day (assuming you’re here on Boxing Day, if you’re not then it’s less nice).

Anyway must crack on and actually talk about something, rather than making silly comments. There may well still be silly comments to follow, mostly because TSA would probably dissolve into a biscuity mess without them, but there’s probably something more than that in here somewhere. Hopefully I’ll get to it in a minute.

Right, let’s talk about Christmas shall we? It’s a little tricky to write this, given that it’s the 23rd at the moment so I don’t actually know if my Christmas was any good. Right now I predict that I’m sitting in my Dad’s car, being given a lift from Portsmouth to Hastings due to public transport being frankly silly and not running very much. Then again I suppose everyone wants a Christmas break so I can forgive them. This time at least.


I haven’t really asked for much in the way of gaming stuff this year. I’m pretty confident I should be getting Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood from my dad, which will be nice, but I tend to ask for books and DVDs at Christmas time. As I’ve started to get slightly more mature (or at least I like to pretend that sometimes) I do ask for practical things on occasion. On the other hand I would quite like some dinosaur toys this year, so it’s obvious I haven’t completely grown up yet.

Anyway lets be having you then. How was your day? Did you spend it with family, friends, or by yourself? Did you enjoy yourself? Get anything good? Just let it all out.

Oh and Happy Christmas!



  1. my day was poo. my mum went to bed early christmas eve and ive not hardly seen her since. all her presents are still unopened. quite depressing.

    • Stuffing, though.

    • Hope they’re doing okay, Roy. Sounds like a complete washout. My Christmas was of a similar calibre. A quiet few months meant I had to behave so I’d spoken with family about me not buying presents. However, my PS3 YLOD a week ago and I hit my credit card with a purchase from Crawfail. The courier didn’t even pick it up. I’m PS3-less in a PS3-filled world. It was the only present under the tree (for me) and it wasn’t to be.

      Then I had the realisation that my family were going to sit on their arses and watch TV all evening so I just left. I think the internet and gaming has most definitely taught me that I simply don’t like watching TV.

      A very surreal Christmas so far. Boozeless too!

  2. My day was fantastic, spent with my family (my Mum’s side) – the meal was amazing.
    I got a few bits and bobs – got a nice shiny laptop a few months ago as my main present.
    I got the awesome briefcase edition of Inception, a remote controlled helicopter, clothes, money, sweets and… a shot glass chess set.
    Oh, and I now have about 3 litres of Jack Daniel’s to my name amongst other alcohol.
    Good, eh?

    • I approve with your taste in food.Stuffing is amazing.

      • Indeed, stuffing was invented to partner Turkey…none of this cranberry or bread sauce rubbish….Xmas and boxing day saw Turkey and Stuffing on the plates, Yum :)

  3. My day went swimmingly great. Got a 360, three games for it, toy story 3 dvd, a new watch and a new amartphonw, which I’m using to type this message.

    • *smartphone.

      • Haha not that smart clearly!

      • I got an iPod, which I am using to type this message xD..
        Close enough xD

    • is your smart phone dyslexic :)

  4. I had a great time, spent the whole day with my family and ate enough to reduce my lifespan by a good few years. Got a Kindle as well which I wasn’t expecting but I love it, I have already filled it with crap I am probably never going to get round to reading. Am off to the missus in a min for Xmas number 2!

  5. I had an interesting day to say the least, about 15 of my dads mates came over and I was quite smashed. Had to go back to my house and find a home for all the present this morning while I was hungover though :(

  6. Had a great Christmas, got a new iPod Touch 4G from the parents along with some portable speakers and a couple of books, and then a whole host of smaller gifts from the girlfriend and grandparents etc. Then just sat around all day, eating dinner and watching some good telly. :)

  7. I got my main present back in Ocotober when my ps3 ylod’d on me, since then the slim has grown on me. I got the the expendables on blu ray, scrubs season 4 and some perfume. I also got tickets with my dad to go see Liverpool play Sparta Prague in February which should be good :D

  8. I spent the day alone due to not having any family in Norway and not having the cash to visit my aunt and cousin, but that is usually the case so I got used to it and it was perfectly ok :)

    Christmas is 24th here, my nurse came dressed as Santa which was hawt, I went to see my friend at the grocery store because I knew she was working and hates Christmas so I took an impromptu trip to cheer her up, made gløgg which is a sweet Norwegian Christmas tradition wine and had some with my neighbour who was also on her own, and apart from that I mostly just worked lol. I got a new PS3 Slim because my old one has YLOD’d 5 times and the data transfer utility took 3 days and died at 93% so I couldn’t use my PS3 at all at Christmas, utter disaster!

    • The data transfer utility is a joke, I ended up having to delete so much stuff to get it to work it was pretty much pointless.

      • when I did the data transfer, I found my phat’s hdd was corrupted so fixed that & then it worked great! still took 6 hours though!!

      • How did you fix the HDD? I am making a list now of everything to re-download but I must get the protected saves over because it’s hundreds or even thousands of hours of play.

      • Your PS Store sign-in will let you list what you’ve downloaded in the past, Katy.

      • Not when you have 11 accounts on the machine it won’t, nor will it tell me what folders I organised them all into :(

      • I had a few accounts but didn’t need to organise them into folders. Oh dear. :-( Total sympathy for you as I know what it’s like. You sit there constantly shaking your head at how Sony can create such a truly terrible system for changing over to a new PS3. It’s like they’re trying to piss us off.

      • I lost everything. Deleted all my game data and images etc. on purpose, was gonna delete everything except my game saves so I could copy those over with data transfer.

        Half-way through deleting all the videos it froze. Restarted the machine and it said the HDD was corrupted and I had to format.

        So I’ve lost _everything_. Downloading everything again I can deal with, and my music, images and videos are backed up, but to lose hundreds of game saves :( :(

  9. My day was Awesome yesterday. Got an Ipod 32Gb which i’m posting on now along with an app store card. The Expendables, Inception and Toy Story 3 on Blu – ray. Several books. Blops, Medal of Honor, Enslaved, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. I also got Move with Time Crisis and Racket Sports, which suprisingly is extremely good fun with multiplayer whilst drunk.

    • Sorry for the double post but i forgot to mention that i got £140 cash as well from grandparents, neighbours and relatives that i don’t see that often.

  10. Why would I stop visiting a site on one day? just got a shiny new tv in high definition and got a packet of Wagon Wheels from a cousin (seriously again!?)

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