Geohot, fail0verflow Crack Open PS3

According to news surfacing overnight, the PS3’s private keys appear to have been found – or, at least, a method to recreate the key. The end result seems to be the same, with some claiming the PS3’s previously watertight security has been breached.

This all seems to stem from fail0verflow’s revelations at the end of last year in Berlin, with a different ‘hack’ than the infamous Jailbreak method being used.


What does this all mean? Well, it looks like this could open the doors to allowing users to run any unsigned code on a currently jailbroken console, regardless of firmware. fail0verflow’s original goal and aim was to enable Linux on any PlayStation 3, but it’s almost certain that this will be used for piracy.

An interesting by-product of all this is that the PSP’s keys also appear to have been found inamongst the PS3’s code, which is presumably due to the console’s ability to play some PSP games.

Sources: Sony Insider, NeoGAF, Kotaku.

TheSixthAxis does not condone piracy and does not recommend the modification of your console – doing so is against the Terms of Use of the console and is possibly illegal.



  1. Well kinda ironic seeing how these hacks were the reason for Linux being removed….

    • Definitely right there !

      • before sony removed other os there wasn’t any ps3 hacking. Its really interesting to see both sides of the arguments, especially on a gamers website like TSA everyone automatically thinks ‘PIRACY’! it is a side-effect, most people here think its a cover up but it truely isnt, the guys smart enough to hack this aren’t in need of free games, they really are doing it about linux. maybe sony needs to learn not to pee off true hackers cause then they have to bear the consequence of piracy.

  2. A lesson for Sony to learn for developing PlayStation 4.

    • What lesson?

      • Don’t Piss people off by including an operating system on your machine then removing it once people have bought the machine to use that operating system.

      • That’s the one.

      • That’s the lesson i’d like Sony to learn but sadly i think the hackers would have done it even if they hadn’t removed OtherOs.

      • Well they removed other os to prevent the ps3 from being hacked. But that just Pissed off the hackers even more. And if there’s one thing a sad bastard (sorry, hacker) likes, it’s a challenge.

      • I was thinking along the lines of use a rotating key but the ones mentioned are too very good lessons!

  3. what a shame

    • Yeah, but it was always gonna happen.

  4. Fail0verflow and Geohot obviously have far too much time on their hands, and badly need to get laid.

    • says someone on a computer game website?

    • Isn’t Geohot the same guy that got outed (note the wording used here) for faking an Iphone jailbreak video or something on Youtube? Guy got issues.

  5. GeoHot is a fake and a hack, not a hacker. He just makes trouble.

    • Erm sure he is, he was the first to hack the iPhone, he’s jailbroken and unlocked more iPhone OS’s than the iPhone Dev Team.

      He jailbroke the PS3 before everyone else. I hate people like you call him fake.

      Sony deserves its PS3 to be hacked FULLY for not owning upto the YLOD issue :@

  6. Why don’t Sony just go Julian Assange on them ? Or make a clever PSN title that let’s you destroy their work : )

  7. The whole “re-enable Linux” line is a load of bull, hackers are going to hack regardless, it’s just nice to be able to justify it by dressing themselves up as the little heroes fighting the good fight against the big bad monsters at Sony. All they’ve done is ensure that next generation we’re going to have DRM measures up to our eyes and a much less open platform to play games on. Little to no backwards compatibility and forced to only use official peripherals and extras. The Microsoft model of selling HDD’s.

    • I’d rather that than have my machine be hacked. I always buy official sony products anyway, much better quality than most 3rd party peripherals. Whatever they have to do to prevent hackers, i’m supporting them, though removing the other os was probably a step too far.

      • Yeah, try trotting out that line when it’s £100 for an official Sony 120GB HDD and £50 for an official Sony controlpad charger.

      • Can’t see the link your making to peripherals

        Of course the next machine will have a HDD in because the future lies in digital distribution, whether its 1, 5 or 10 years away it is inevitable.

        And with regards to pricing, Sony prices are already at the upper end of the market because they are premium well made products and are vastly superior to cheapo knock-offs

      • Not sure what you’re on about, Gav. DRM won’t be much of a problem to get around. Sony (as shown this generation) have employed massive amounts of hardware protection. Just like a firewall. Hardware always performs better than software (for security).

        Oh, and I really don’t think any of the giants will risk using DRM. Not after the media spanking iTunes (and Apple) got over it.

      • I’m also unsure what Lycangav means but he might be suggesting that Sony will make the ps4 only able to use proprietry hdds and controllers, although again i’m not sure that would help Sony.

      • That’s exactly what I’m saying. Having an open system hasn’t worked for Sony so why not change to a Microsoft inspired closed model and at least make as much money as possible? No more using any old HDD, no more USB ports, no more anything. Each step makes it a little harder for the hackers to get in and more importantly, more difficult for your customers to bypass security. Look at the 360, it’s easily pirated but you’ve got to be willing to partially dismantle the machine first. That alone dissuades large numbers of users.

        As for the DRM argument, are you kidding me? I’m not just talking physical stuff on the disc here but all the steps they could possibly take to ensure folks only play original games. Single use codes, the need for an online connection to verify the copy, we’ve already seen some pretty horrendous stuff this generation and it’s only going to get worse if the hacking doesn’t stop.

      • competition will dictate what they include & don’t include

        No one will launch a console in the future without a HDD else it will fail.

        Single use codes will be used to activate games on console of the future, can’t see any other way other than something like OnLive, where the copy of the game & importantly its code never leaves the publisher’s partner (OnLive or whoever)

    • You are correct that “hackers are going to hack regardless” but I don’t think you, and everyone else that ignores the otheros issue, understand everything about the situation:

      Breaking the security of a console requires you to be smart. Most of the people that are smart enough to crack the security are also smart enough to get a decent job, and so can pay for games. So why would they want to crack the ps3 then? Answer: to do interesting stuff with interesting hardware. They could do that, although without access to some parts of the system, using otheros. Before sony did their thing the biggest obstacle to doing “cool stuff” with the cell processor was the skill of the programmer. After sony removed otheros the biggest obstacle was the inability to run their own code. By their own actions Sony made a lot of people interested in breaking the PS3s security, and for that they deserve to be ridiculed at every opportunity.

      Right know the best possible outcome is if Sony can find a way to block or make it difficult to run backups, but leaving the opportunity for running homebrew. Because once they break homebrew again those same people will scramble to get it back, but if they manage to only break piracy then slightly fewer hackers will be interested.

  8. IF these hackers were doing it purely as a past time, didnt brag about it. AND didnt use thier findings for piracy no one would be bothered. However this sadly isnt the case and these people a freaks who feel the need for attention so bad they resort to being idiots.

  9. Wait until they get first virus/spyware firmware to come through the PS3 browser, then the trouble will start.

    • maybe this is the solution. Create a virus for the PS3 so hacked PS3’s can be destroyed. I’d go with that.

  10. Sony learnt there lesson, getting rid of linux as a security measure creates bigger security breaches from angry fans

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