New PS Phone Images Show PlayStation/Xperia Branding

Despite still not being confirmed, yet more screens of the alleged PlayStation Phone have appeared online, but this time they have a new addition.  That’s right, have a gander at the bottom left hand corner and you’ll see some familiar PlayStation branding, as well as the Xperia logo.

Fingers crossed something will be announced soon.  As in CES soon.

Source: Engadget


  1. Been waiting for news on this, but going off it as its the Xperia-Play

    Its been many years since the Sony name was on a good phone, mind I rarely call or text, mainly browse, use Apps & play games so it could be alright, but my desire has somewhat waned

    • Time for a custom ROM. I recommend Oxygen 2 rc5 (Gingerbread)

    • So you have a phone but dont use it to call or text.. *facepalm* :D

      • No, I hate people

        If I wanna go out I know I can turn up in The Forest Gate between 1-7 on a Saturday and all my mates are there until we go down town. Can’t think of any other reason to call anyone

      • You’re probably joking, but out of curiosity; what other pocketable devices can allow you to surf almost anywhere, and play games, and use small programs? Do you always use all the features of anything you own?

  2. Only got a Xperia x10 Mini Pro 2 weeks ago, hopefully this will be mega expensive so i don’t feel bad on myself for not waiting.

    Does look awesome though, if that plays all PSP + PS1 + Minis games, and if it ran all the android apps and emulators like gba and that, it will be the ultimate handheld :D

    • It looks exactly like the full size X10 that I have, even the operating system looks like the Android 2.1 which is what I have just updated mine to.

      • I’ve read elsewhere it’s running 2.3

  3. I’m certainly interested to see what comes of this – the Xperia brand is supposed to be good (though I haven’t personally tried it out), and I’m intrigued to see how they’ve integrated the Android OS with the PSP software.

    I may have to find some way of trying one out if and when its actually released.

  4. The pad doesn’t look at all tactile. I’m out….

    • Strange how it has two analogues since they never even brought that to any new model PSP before. Even those I don’t like the look of.

      • Rumours are that you won’t be able to play PSP games on it and it will rely on an Android store.

        It seems like nothing more than a more game focused Xperia phone

    • great

  5. I’d love to have one of these…

  6. The pad section reminds me of a super nintendo controller. Last post, I’m going haha!

  7. might persuade me to change phone …

  8. I want this phone, but I need to decide whether or not it’s worth getting this on my upgrade or getting a not-as-good phone and getting the XBox and Kinect with it…

  9. Looks good. I like it.


    • the answer is: PSPhone… until the PSP2 is released :-D

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