New PS Phone Images Show PlayStation/Xperia Branding

Despite still not being confirmed, yet more screens of the alleged PlayStation Phone have appeared online, but this time they have a new addition.  That’s right, have a gander at the bottom left hand corner and you’ll see some familiar PlayStation branding, as well as the Xperia logo.

Fingers crossed something will be announced soon.  As in CES soon.

Source: Engadget


  1. Might get this if it can play my current psp content.


  3. I always knew Playstation would be my first phone…

  4. ugly

  5. Is that a Disney table cloth? And ther first three times I read the first sentence, I kept seeing “gender” rather than “gander.”
    Oh man, I’m starting to love 2011!

  6. Im out already. I can guess the price will be similar to that of the iphone, and I use pay as you go so that’ll be around £500….
    No thanks.

    Also im really dissapointed in sony ericson user interfaces, I had high expectations, and I was a huge sony ericson fan but their recent touch screen phones are off putting. Unless they change the design of the interface I wont be purchasing one soon. Their non-touchscreen phones were brilliant, even the best some would say but much has changed…

    HTC have taken the touchscreen market in my opinion, running android with an ever-expanding app market place, a pretty HTC sense user interface, generally all round prices and good up-to-date specs. Even though some might be unrealiable and chew up the battery life like a kebab, people still buy them. I am considering one myself.

    However after saying all of that, due to the low prices of the x10 mini/pro and x8 many youngsters are buying them so thats alright, good for sony ericson!

    But in my opinion sony ericson in general have gone downhill since they decided to make touchscreen phones, and the price of this new PS phone is likely to put me off even further.

    • Guess it depends how you get your phones. The Aino was £400 sim free but free on a £30 a month contract. I’ve never paid a penny up front for a phone I’ve always had them included in my contract and if I get this it’ll be no different (though without a keypad it looks doubtful).

  7. I hope the hardware differs greatly to the current cream of the crop Android smartphones for Sony Ericsson’s sake – then again I don’t, as I’d love a little hack to allow PSPhone games to be played on my HTC Desire!

  8. Man that looks nice! i want one.

  9. Personally, I think it’s ugly.
    It could have looked a lot better.

    The home screen kinda rips off the iPhone, but hey, what phone doesn’t these days, eh?

    Third, why would you want to play video games on a phone?
    I don’t know anyone (who’s not rich) that will willingly have a PSP/PSP2 and a PSPhone and decide which one to play the games on.

    I think the PSPhone is a pointless invention and PlayStation should stick with just game consoles and console accessories, not dumb cell phones.

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