Beyond Good And Evil HD Confirmed For Xbox 360

Beyond Good and Evil, the wonderful 2003 adventure for last-generation consoles, was a cult hit and one that I adored playing through.  Whilst the news rumbles on over a proper sequel, it appears a high definition makeover of the first game is set for Xbox Live Arcade next month.

Yes, Microsoft are doing another ‘House Party’ promotion and it’ll feature, alongside the HD remix of Michel Ancel’s classic, Full House Poker, Bejeweled Blitz and Torchlight.


A PlayStation 3 version has also been confirmed.



  1. I’m hoping for a timed exclusive, I wouldgladly wait a little longer to see this appear on the PS3!

    • What!?


        Got it, now?

      • No, it should be the same date for both

  2. Never played this, but with everything I have heard I would love to see this on PS3 :-)

  3. Great, I bought it for PC, but it is keyboard only, so it sucked (the controls) so will re-buy it for PS3 and play with the PS3 controller, that will be nice.

  4. I thought MS said they would not be doing HD remakes.

    • they did say that but they have changed their minds and done a 360 lol

    • They’ve been doing HD remakes for years, LIVE Arcade has a handful of them. They said they weren’t likley to be doing HD remakes of Halo 1 & 2, but the interview that i read didn’t count it out completely.

      • Yes thats true but games such as doom for instance plays in HD but at the cost of playing it with massive black borders at each side of the screen…drop the resolution to 480p SD and you get a full widescreen picture that doesn’t look so good. I may be in the minority here but i bought a 42inch widescreen TV for 42inch worth of picture…not about 25inch of picture and the rest just black. Thats why i prefer PS3 network games because just about all PSN games play in fullscreen HD with the acception of a few such as sonic adventure which i gave a miss due to the bordered game screen. Psone games are a bit of a let down because my daughters PS3 plays them at full screen using a 32inch widescreen TV old CRT type and they look pretty good, yet play the same Psone game on a 42inch LCD HD TV and you get almost fullscreen but the same game looks pants. The emulation software for Ps3 running Psone software is a bit rubbish especially when my PC runs PSXe Psone games emulator and the games run in 1080p and look fantastic with no pixelation at all (almost upto ps2 graphical standards).

  5. Im going to wait for it to go on PS3 too. I hate it when Microsoft pays for something to be timed exclusive that I protest and wait for it to appear on PS3. Xmen arcade is on US PSN but Microsoft have paid so that it’s been delayed on PS3 in Europe. I don’t support this tactic and will wait for it to be on UK PSN.

    • It’s a sound business tactic, that Sony has employed in the past as well. Even retailers do it with special pre-order DLC.

      While it does suck for PS3 only users to have to wait, it’s hardly a shady move on MS’s part.

      • Actually it is wrong and shouldn’t be supported. It’s no different than walking into a game store and seeing both the PS3 and 360 versions of a game behind the counter but being told you can’t buy the PS3 version because M$ said so. The game is completed and ready for sale but they can’t sell it.

  6. Excellent. BG&E is one of those games that I should have played but never got round to, so it will be nice to play catch-up complete with HD visuals :) Same story with the Sly and Prince of Persia series.

  7. I’ll be hopping between LBP2 and KZ3 by then so i can wait for the PS3 version. Maybe it’ll be free with BG&E2 on PS3? Like Frontlines with MoH and Extraction with DS2.. We can always dream.. :)

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