Killzone 3 Story Trailer Appears

Pictures – thousands of words – pictures – moving – Killzone

Sometimes you’ve just got to shut up and let the action speak for itself.


Epic just isn’t the word.

Source: NeoGAF, or it’s here on YouTube.



  1. This looks amazing. Really cannot wait for this (:

    • I reckon a Killzone film would be brilliant. As long as they keep Marc Wahlberg in a cage during production…

      • I hear hes in top form in the fighter.

  2. wow!

  3. Oh wow! That was incredible! The music was magnificent, esp. with headphones on!

    • I was wearing headphones as well!! xD

    • Me like the music too! Gave a really good atmospheric approach to the game, akin to a movie trailer! Looking forward to the story in the game now!

  4. Didn’t watch the video as i’m afraid of any spoilers!
    Does it give to much away? if not I miight watch it…. :/

    • It gives an interesting insight into the storyline of Killzone 3. Oh, and it shows off the environments in it as well.

      • Thanks, I’ve decided then to not watch it.
        After seeing a couple of screens and playing the online beta, I think that everythings in place for an epic story.

      • You should – it doesn’t really give anything away apart from making your realise this is a must own game! I didn’t think they could top the Brian Cox voice over from the Killzone 2 story trailer, but I’m happy to see this one is every bit as epic!

        Although I can’t help wishing I was playing for the Helghast – hopefully they will add a bit of weight behind the ISA this time and not use up all the rousing speeches on the Helghast!

  5. General guy sounds like Ray Winstone. But that was brilliant. Like, really good.

    • No it doesn’t. Sounds like Malcolm McDonald. The guy who voices the President in Fallout 3.

    • McDowell rather.

      • Haven’t played it.
        I can imagine he’d call some a bitch for looking at him wrong though.

    • thats exactly what I thought, it does sound like Ray Winstone.

      • please don’t let it be, that bloke is terrible at acting/voice overs

      • Mmmm Ray Winstone…

      • @Bilbo_bobbins I disagree. He’s great at what he does. The admiral here is a large, tough leader of armies. His voice fits perfectly with the character.

      • Ray Winstone legend.

    • Both Malcolm McDowell and Ray Winstone lend their voice talent in Killzone 3.

    • It is Ray Winstone:
      ‘Ray Winstone, who plays the gruff Helghast Admiral’

      • Sweet!

      • Yeah it is definitley Ray. He is the helghast army leader in mutiplayer so you hear his voice alot.

    • strange having a cokney accent,for a helghast commander
      more strange and noticeable, than the london accents for helghast infantry in kz2

      • Possibly for the best that you don’t watch Beowulf.

  6. Nice, looks like hmv have exclusive rights to the helghast edition, preorders from tomorrow according to their twitter feed

  7. Just epic!

    I love how the PS3 is bringing games that feel like your playing a movie, or atleast games of that high level. This is another trailer that just knocks you off your feet (much like U2’s theatrical trailer) with its music and just general editing!


    PS. Sony, ever thought of releasing some shortened versions for TV? Far better than your start stuff.

  8. HOLY shit thats amazing!

  9. Mmmmmm Sev.

  10. Wow, looks amazing. Shame I don’t like the gameplay.

    • Yeah, i wasn’t a huge fund of ZK2, particularly the multiplayer but i’m still going to get this regardless (and even give the multiplayer a second chance). Graphically, these games are unmatched, can’t wait to see what it looks like in 3D.

      And who knows, Move might make the gameplay better, doubtful, but possible.

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