New Ridge Racer 3DS Screens

Some new screens have been released for Namco’s Nintendo 3DS Ridge Racer game.  Whilst Mario Kart has dominated the DS’ lifecycle, the d-pad tended to make realistic racings games fairly tricky.  The analogue stick on the 3DS should counter that nicely, and we look forward to some serious powerslides come the game’s release.

Source: Famitsu



  1. Sometimes the images larger than the 3ds screens dont do justice to the graphics. These are expanded and will be must sharper on the actual console, of course?

    • Yes, plus when the 3D is turned on apparently it smoothes out the jaggies.

      • i would hope so, as im starting to think Nintendo have a vendetta against good graphics

      • LOL ^

    • Seriously, are those the screenshots? There are children in A&E who are currently having better looking (toy) cars extracted from them.

  2. Looking pretty nice for a DS. I was pretty excited when the 3DS was announced, though I’m still not sure whether I’m gunna break into the handheld market as of yet – though I have been contemplating a PSP for a while now…

  3. Literally cannot wait. Been looking at Ocarina of Time footage this morning too.

    • And StarFox – I can’t wait for that in 3D.

  4. Now I have a 3D TV. Have any 3D trailers been released for any games yet? Just seems like a missed opportunity if developers aren’t releasing trailers for 3D games in 3D too.

  5. looks worse than GT psp, and that’s taking into account the stretched images – although the jagginnes is only on the edges here, gt psp is full screen

  6. doesn’t look very 3d :p

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