Nine More Characters Revealed For Dynasty Warriors 7

With a roster expected to stretch to over 80 playable characters, you can’t blame KOEI for steadily bleeding them out as we approach the game’s March release date. The newest additions are Jia Xu, a Wei advisor who originally served under the tyrant, Dong Zhuo, and Xiahou Ba, the rebellious son of bow-wielding Wei general, Xiahou Yuan. Jia Xu comes equipped with what looks like a chain whip, and though we can’t see what weapon Xiahou Ba will bring into battle, we do know that he is the last character to be revealed for the Jin faction.


Seven other returning characters have also been revealed via the latest issue of Famitsu. Taishi Ci, Yue Ying, Sun Shang Xiang, Zhang Liao, Dian Wei, Zhang Jiao, and Yuan Shao will all be making an appearance, sporting new designs.

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  1. Quite looking forward to seeing how Dynasty Warriors 7 turns out, I was really into the series in its PS2 days and haven’t really played one since.

  2. I will end up buying it. Just hope it’s as good as Dynasty Warriors 5 and skips all that flying around crap that they put in Strikeforce.

  3. Played DW6 to 100% and i can’t wait for this one.

  4. Should be worth playing can’t wait!, any news on DW: Gundam 3?

  5. I’ve been ignoring Dynasty for too long, think I’ll pick this up. Gan Ning was my favourite character, hope he’s still in it !

    • Gan Ning was spared from the character cuts made in the sixth game, so it’s more than likely he will return for DW7. Personally, I would like to see Pang Tong, Cheng Pu and Pang De.

  6. This is shaping up to be rather good!!!

  7. at least they look cool.

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