First ‘Skyrim’ Info And Screens Surface

We know that this is one you’re looking forward to, bearing in mind the majority of you had this tipped to be number one in our most anticipated games of 2011 list. A wealth of information has surfaced from the latest issue of ‘Game Informer’, and it’s definitely worth a read for those of you who have access to it.

Here’s a brief run-down of what you can expect (taken from NeoGAF):


On levelling:

  • Totally revamped – no more class selection at the start of the game, and every skill you upgrade contributes to your overall level.  Also, each time you level you get extra health plus the ability to get either additional health, magicka or stamina.
  • Each level also brings you perks.
  • You can advance past level 50, but it’ll be extremely slowly.

On skills:

  • Mysticism is gone.
  • 18 skills, down from 21 on Oblivion, and 27 on Morrowind.
  • The game tries to accommodate players who want to specialize in a certain profession (like mage or thief), while at the same time giving room for players who like to do plenty of everything.

On the story and lore:

  • Set 200 years after Oblivion in Skyrim, a region north of the imperial city, where the Nords live.
  • The dragons are returning, as it was prophesized. You are going to be trying to stop the wicked dragon god.
  • You are a dragonborn – a dragon hunter. Your mentor is one of the last blades.
  • Also, there is a civil war, since the king is dead.
  • Enemies include were-yeti’s, giant spider, and dragons.

On combat:

  • They want to make it more dynamic and tactical. You have to assign each hand with a function; either magic, two weapons, a weapon and a shield, etc..
  • You can also waste stamina by sprinting, allowing you to get access to tactical positions.
  • Emphasis on really improving the combat this time around.
  • They are also putting care into how each weapon feels in your hand.


  • Third person view has been improved
  • Five massive cities, more variation in caves and underground sections.

On quests:

  • Quests are much more dynamic now.
  • The quests are now more determined by how you build your character, individual actions and overall much more dynamic. Examples provided: If you are more of a magic user, some other mage may approach you who may not have if you were just a melee character. Or if you killed someone who owned a store that was going to give you a quest, his sister would inherit the store, but she may resent you before giving you the quest.
  • Also, quests you are given will be modified by how you have played.

To add to this, scans from Game Informer have also hit the net, which we have included below.  We aren’t sure how long they will be up, though, due to an incident that occurred this week where Game Informer threatened Rock Paper Shotgun with legal action if the site did not take down scans of the latest Tomb Raider game.

Source: Game Informer, Via NeoGAF.  Pictures from Badasspanda



  1. Yes all fantastic news. So excited about this game! Oblivion is my favourite game of recent years despite it’s many faults, no other RPG lets you do what you want, when you want.

    • never played any of em but i love a good rpg, may have to pick scrolls to get into the swing (ha ha) of things

  2. The enemy is going to love this game. Personally i’m not a fan of the genre, but she’s addicted to oblivion.

  3. I cannot wait for this now, been desperate for some info on the game. Plus that Yeti thing on the scans looks badass!

    • It looks like a snow troll to me.

  4. well dual wielding seems nice but the new leveling is definitely something i need to see but heres an idea for the perks since the new leveling is about what you use maybe the perks should be like that as well instead of choosing something like in fallout hopefully this will cater more to the rpg fans like morrowind and less to the fps like oblivion did

    • Oblivion is the RPG of RPGs on consoles… I just hope they don’t try to make things too “dynamic” and the like, and start putting up invisible walls and weird limitations. I hope it’s like Oblivion in that you can literally climb to the top of any mountain

      • you definitely have not played morrowind cause if you have you would know how limited and user friendly oblivion was

      • I said on consoles

  5. All the information here sounds positive. I have absolutely no doubt this game will be as good as Oblivion was back when it was first released.

  6. This is going to be awesome! I loved Morrowind and Oblivion… and Fallout, but the landscape does get a little depressing after a while :) I have no doubt this game will look fantastic. Better PS3 port though would be great thanks! Fallout crashes too much ;;

    • well they managed to make oblivion work really well so hopefully this’ll be the same story

      • Yup.
        Oblivion GOTY edition has NEVER crashed for me. I’ve played it a lot over 2 years.
        In fairness, Fallout 3 GOTY hasn’t either.
        Then again, I’ve only had it since Christmas, and played it for 2 hours worth, but still…

      • i didn’t get any crashes on fallout till my second play through and even then it was only in certain parts. never had the joy of playing oblivion on the ps3 though

  7. As long as it has a better engine (which it is) and less annoying characters then i’m up for it!

  8. It’s beautiful. Going to be my most anticipated game in many, many years.

  9. Looks smexy.

  10. This is the best news i have heard in a very long time!!! this game is going to be EPIC!!!
    this is my most anticipated game for this year!!!
    hope we´ll see some screenshots soon… or a new trailer=)

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