Relentless Quitting Retail Market

Relentless, developers of the PlayStation icon ‘Buzz’, will no longer produce games for sale via the high street and will now concentrate on the growing digital download market.

The group has also ended an exclusivity deal with Sony and ‘The Blue Toad Murder Files’ has recently appeared on the PC via Steam. Co-founder Andrew Eades has said that PlayStation will ‘naturally’ remain the studio’s main platform.

“Our real strategy going forward is to change the company from a disc-based, console games company only,” said Eaves, “We have to find a new way to get to our audience, and that is digital, episodic, various different platforms.”

The reason for Relentless quitting the packaged market is simply economics, (please standby with a pantomime “‘Boo! Hiss! for a certain well-loved publisher);

“If I compare Call of Duty to a Buzz game, the production values in Buzz are exemplary – they’re superb and I’m very proud of that game – but we don’t have the kind of multi-million marketing push and development budgets that Call of Duty clearly has.”

Source: GamesIndustryBiz


  1. So no more Buzz from now on?

    • Buzz will probably just come out online and they’d use the move from now on I’m guessing.

    • You can download a free Buzz framework from the PSN which you can buy questions for online, so they had already switched to digital downloads with Buzz.

  2. They might just be quitting discs. If they need a peripheral like buzzers to play one of their game they might still dabble in some retail, Sony might handle that side for them.

    • the buzz that was made available on the PSN let’s you play with both the buzzers and the dualshock. But i hope they still sell buzzers to all who don’t have them yet, it’s more fun that way :]

  3. In honesty, I thought they already had! Guess that’s the beauty of games like buzz? Easy to download new quiz packs off psn isn’t it?

  4. Whether or not this is a good move obviously depends on how well their retail releases have done in the past. I would assume a party/family series such as Buzz would sell more through retail than download.

    • Yup, family games surely sell better at retail in places like GAME & GameStation where families are more likely to shop

  5. Buzz has always been published by Sony, not by Relentless. Which means that Buzz will most likely still hit the retail shelves.

  6. Completely unrelated to the story but they have a great logo.

  7. Blue Toad Murder Files is probably one of my most favourite downloadable titles that I played. I’ve also enjoyed buzz games at party’s. I thought that they had already gone download only though.

  8. Oh :( i liked Buzz but not DD, so guess no more Buzz for me

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