Persona 3 Portable Confirmed For Europe

Ghostlight has confirmed that they will be bringing the fantastic PSP RPG ‘Persona 3 Portable’ to Europe this year.  It will be heading to both the PSN and retail, with the boxed product getting a ‘Collectors Edition’ style makeover with lots of goodies “for you to obsess over!”

Persona 3 Portable is an enhanced version of the PS2 release of Persona 3, and features a tweaked story, alternative social links, a new playable character, and a battle system that has taken inspiration from Persona 4.

Source: Ghostlight



  1. SUPER happy about this news. I’ve been e-mailing ghostlight since july to try and get them to pick it up so I can get it on the PSPGO and really happy they announced it finally.

    A Ghostlight Rep also told me that any orders done through their own website will recieve a special additional extra item. :)

  2. Woop! Hopefully Persona 5 is announced sometime this year.

  3. Really excited about this – there’s life in my old PSP yet!

  4. Awesome! I already have a US copy, but if the collectors edition has some good stuff, I’ll probably end up buying it.

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