Supremacy MMA Looking Brutal, Pulver On Board

Today Milton Keynes-based publisher, 505 Games (Backbreaker, Naughty Bear), announced that former UFC lightweight champion, Jens Pulver, will be the poster boy for their upcoming title, Supremacy MMA, developed by Kung Fu Factory. Not only will he feature as a playable fighter, the game’s plot will evolve around his own personal experiences, conjuring up an authentic MMA experience. Jens will also be promoting the game in some of his upcoming fights, the first being XFO 38 in Woodstock, Chicago, broadcast in partnership with Gamespot. Pulver said the following:

I’ve been up, down and every direction in between and I ain’t done yet, so stories like mine are perfect for a hard-hitting game like Supremacy MMA… Having seen the game and how true to the soul of the sport it is, I’m glad that this is the game I get to be a part of.

The game itself looks brutal to say the least, as illustrated in the trailer below. Supremacy MMA is set to launch this Summer for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: Press Release


  1. if that’s the soundtrack we can party to it!

    • :D that is an epic song, just worried that the game might not live up to it. Fingers crossed though, it’s a great idea !

  2. same slow movement as the ufc game and ea’s game

    look at how slow that rolling kneebar is

  3. Why I checked TSA at 2 in the morning I’ll never know…
    However, it was worth it :D

    • Well i’m checking at 03:55 so that doesn’t make me much better ;)

      It’s good to see a wealthy amount of MMA games finally showing.

    • You might need to start checking in the middle of the night more often. We’ve got a US guy now.

  4. If the EA game didn’t do so great and UFC2010 saw a sales drop off what chance does a game that looks like a next-gen version of Pitfighter have when it’s posterboy is Jens Pulver who is absolutely not on the radar of the casual fan.

    Screams cash in to me.

  5. not a big fan of UFC or MMA but looks good.

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