iPhone Game Of The Week: Pocket HalfPipe

NaffRobot’s love letter to California Games came as something of a surprise; a pleasant one, but slightly out of the blue. Indeed, in an increasingly crowded market of iPhone games on the App Store the true gems are becoming evermore tricky to uncover, but by chance Pocket HalfPipe reared its head this week and I’m glad it did: it’s brilliant.

The simple skateboarding game presents you with the eponymous collection of plywood and tasks you with the job of pushing, spinning, grabbing and flipping with just two on-screen buttons and an intuitive, friendly tilt mechanic. The whole thing couldn’t be simpler, really – there’s a button for your feet and one for your hand – the former button handles flips (hold the button and swipe outwards) and the latter does grabs, which work the same way.


Likewise, the tilt controls handle your character’s twists and spins, and is automatically calibrated when you tap the ‘foot’ button to start your run – a clever idea that really should be used in all such games and it’s baffling to think that, personally at least, this is the first time I’ve seen this happen.

Progress through the game’s modes is handled with points, and there’s a free skate, a 30 second mode, an initially locked ‘big air’ mode and a survival mode to keep things fresh, plus there’s the option to unlock new boards and other goodies, all coupled with GameCenter compatibility and Retina visuals for iPhone 4 users.

I’m impressed. Pocket HalfPipe is a great deal of fun for skating fans, and it’s a nicely produced, competent game that offers a nice diversion. There’s a learning curve, sure, but the game lets you play at your own pace and seems to constantly reward you along the way. Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that prove to be the best, and thus Pocket HalfPipe marks our first iPhone game of the week.

The game’s just 59p at the moment and is available by clicking the icon below.

Pocket HalfPipe - NaffRobot



  1. Nice visual style, reminds me a little of Grim Fandango.

    • Also, love the OPM reference in the tagline.

  2. Looks Wicked – urt – Wicked – JUNGLE IS MASSIVE.

    Shame I lost my effing iPhone 4 this week. No effing shizzle :-(

  3. Whatever happened to AppTilt? I used to base a lot of my iPhone game purchases on the AppTilt reviews.

    • Jimster – isn’t this effectively all under the ‘idevice’ menu at top left of TSA homepage menu? Hope this helps (apologies if it doesn’t and you were after something else).

      • Yup, AppTilt reviews now appear directly on TSA. I think.

  4. I just love the Skateboard culture !! Glad I had a few years on my board back in the day . Love the moves , clothes and music that goes along the the whole SK8 culture. Who here remembers Hocus,Pokus from H-street. Then days I miss

  5. I was a skater red. H street, Powell peralta, bones brigade, etc etc. Im even bidding on a DVD conversion of useless wooden toys at the moment!

    • Gordon , can you remember the name of the video which had the bones brigade in the beginning of the movie. I remember Ray Barbee in there , and the start was in black and white.

      Love them days Gordon, but my bones are to old now….

      • public domain ? had some slalom, and freestyle guys in it as well, or future primative? or animal chin? or ban this?
        lol i really want to go out now and shred the streets! oooh just thought, was it propaganda?

  6. Any chance a direct link could be put up so I can just buy it now via my iPhone? You usually do, and I’m being very very lazy today. So lazy I can’t even be bothered to finis….

    • I take it you didn’t read the “The game’s just 59p at the moment and is available by clicking the icon below.” bit?

      • that part isn’t available on the iphone version of the site,hence my comment, but thanks for the sarcasm

  7. The old ‘spin 180 kickflip’. My favourite of all the skateboarding maneuvers.


  8. Looks like fun… might have to check it out later tonight. :)

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