Bloodline Champions Now Available

Last Thursday Swedish developer Stunlock Studios launched their free-to-play MOBA*, Bloodline Champions. Likened to Diablo III’s online arena component, players select champions from the Bloodline roster, form teams and compete in three different modes across a healthy stock of maps.

There are four classifications of champion (melee attack, ranged attack, healer, and tank) with each individual having their own unique panel of abilities, strengths and weaknesses as well as customisable costumes and weapons. Unlike conventional MMOs, BLC’s gameplay is input-sensitive, meaning skill and agility is just as crucial as having a working knowledge of each champion’s abilities.

Ranking systems, tournaments, solo play, and friends lists are just a few of the features available at the sweet price of nothing.

The standard version of the game takes mere minutes to download, though it only comes with three of the sixteen available Bloodlines. By purchasing Funcom points or earning in-game credit you can redeem additional champions as well as other items including avatars, titles, weapon skins and costumes.

It’s also worth noting that Stunlock are running a limited pre-order deal; £25 (the Champion Edition) bags you all sixteen champions as well as a small pool of Funcom points to spend, whereas laying down £75 (the Titan Edition) will earn you everything in the previous pack as well as four premium champions and wealth of added extras.

PC gamer or not, it’s definitely worth having a look at, and will run on most computers.

*Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Source: Bloodline Champions


  1. Might as well download it now…

    • We’re not forcing you too, haha. It’s a great game however.

  2. Why the hell has that guy got the Lament Configuration Box on his head?

  3. been playing it now, but much more entertained by the tsa podcast I listened to whilst playing, though tbh it’s the first pc games i’ve played in about 5 years so I spent most of the time remembering how to use a keyboard

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