Mass Effect 2 PS3 Requires Large Install

When we reported that a downloadable version of Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 was to be rolled out, many questioned the need. After all, not only would it take lots of time to download (rumours suggest the download size will be around 12GB), but it would also munch into your valuable hard drive space.


Well, we can confirm that no matter which version you go for, your hard drive is going to take a bit of a battering, as the retail copy of the game requires 4.5GB of space before you can go ahead and play – although the back of the box (above) shows 5.3GB.  Our install time ran to a rather unscientific thirty minutes or so, those of you with GT5 will know that these times can vary quite a lot, however.

We spoke to EA this morning who told us that this is due to the large amount of additional DLC and format exclusive content included with the PS3 version of the game, which also features an upgraded graphics engine taken from Mass Effect 3.

We’ll bring you the review very soon.



  1. I’m not really surprised. I just accept that PS3 games will have to be installed nowadays. My poor 60gig HD will need replacing soon though.

    • I’d recommend it mate. I decided to upgrade from 80GB to 500GB after it was repaired (I took all the stuff off as it was going away)
      Really easy to do and you’re pretty much set for space :)

    • I have 160Gb but need to upgrade soon too. As well as deleting any old games.. I noticed Vidzone is taking up 4.5 Gb and Home is using 5 Gb so if you have those installed but don’t use them you can reclaim some space by deleting them.

      • I went from 40gb to 500gb and the hard drive only cost me like £40. Bye bye hard drive worries!

      • I hardly ever use Home or Vidzone. I didn’t realise that the took up so much space. They’ll be gone tonight ready for my Mass Effect install.

      • I also upped to a 500gb hdd 8) highly recommended!

      • i ugraded to a 320gb slim in september, im sorted for hdd space now for life practically, also home takes 5gb and vidzone 4gb, i use vidzone a lot for revision and that but home is a waste of time, i wont delete or unistall them though

  2. Well looks like I can install this while tidying up the house. Or just play Little Big Planet 2 which has smaller install xD

  3. Large install is better than long load times. ;)

    • Most definitely – would take the install over load times for sure.

      • At least we know pirates won’t have a easy time downloading this.

  4. well DCUO has a 25.2 gig install on ps3…

    • For god’s sake its a console not a pc…

      • Yes but it’s an MMO. Things need to be able to be found quickly.

    • Tell me about it, it took forever on with my clockwork internet connection.

  5. I hear the demo was old code as well so should look better.

  6. I’m not going to bother with any games with installs until I upgrade thid is ridculous…

  7. Don’t mind the install times myself, sure they are a bit of a ballache when you wanna get down to it and play but like others have said, it’s better than frequent and long loading times breaking up your game, plus I find install based games run a lot better (that’s the point I’m sure, but still a valid arguement)

  8. Not too much of an issue tbh. If you install the game onto the 360 its 12.4gb so. …
    Got ME2 for 360 a couple of weeks ago. (for £7 preowned) I’m about 5 hours in, I’m loving it, it’s much improved from ME1 IMO. The game just seems to flow much better than the first one.

  9. I have a 500GB HDD, no problem!
    I heard that the PS3 HDD cap is 640GB if you’re wondering.
    I can understand the ME2 file size being large, as long as it improves the gaming experience….

    • Nope. There doesn’t seem to be a cap on it, that was just a rumour. People originally said you couldn’t put a 500gb in. I’ve seen several people with 1TB HDD so it does work.

    • I should image the current limit is whatever he biggest size you can buy as a 3.5″ SATA 9.5mm height drive.

      • Just to make sure people don’t accidentally buy a 3.5″ drive. You need a 2.5″ drive (like most laptops take).

    • I have a 640GB drive. I’ve also heard of people with 1TB drives experiencing no issues.

      • Thats great, no cap than, now where did I leave the penny jar

  10. Seeing that I find GT5 to have had a too small install size, this won’t be a problem… As long as I don’t have to sit trough long load times, I’m happy.

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