First Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer Lands

Not able to attend Square Enix’s event today over in Tokyo? Never mind, we have what most people came away talking about right here. Announced a mere few hours ago, here’s the first Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer (of undoubtedly many) for your optical consumption.

The quality isn’t great so we’ll keep an eye out for a better one and switch it in when it appears, all voodoo-like.


Spoiler-warning! For those who have not completed Final Fantasy XIII, be warned – some plot points of the previous game are touched upon in this trailer. Don’t worry, nothing too shocking. Lightning doesn’t die or anything. Fair warning, though.

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  1. So excited! Looking forward to XIII-2 :]

  2. Lookin’ good!

    Finished XIII, which is the only FF game I’ve played. Probably will return to it and grind out some stuff before this comes out.

    • Shame that it’s the only one you played in that the other’s, such as VII and IX, were superb. Good though in the sense that it’s not got the standards in you mind that I have of FF which it has fallen well short of.

      • I started with VII, loved it, but still enjoyed XIII. I’m glad I’m me. :)

      • Oh yeah of course, it’s all about personal preferences. I was just expecting something more that was all. Maybe my expectations were too high, I don’t know.

      • My guess is that they dumbed it down for a more casual audience. I was kind of glad about it since it was a more layed back experience than any previous FF game. This new approach also got my girlfriend interested in the series.

      • That’s less of a guess, and more long-established fact – the 6-10 hour tutorial, near auto-battles and linear level design were all specifically for the casual audience.

    • Same, XIII is the only FF game I’ve played, and I really enjoyed it. I’m planning to download IX from the PSN Store though, but there will be hard to find time for that in crazy 2011.
      The trailer, looks great. Definitely on my must-buy list!

  3. Maybe I should have completed the XIII before I watched that. Sort of gave away the a little of the ending I’m assuming. Not that I’m bothered…XII is just gathering dust on my shelf anyway.

  4. Woooo didnt give much away but hopefully more news will come on story etc

  5. Well being a fan of FF for many years I have to stay that only FF game I didn’t bother to complete was FF 13.

    I felt bored the story is not that interesting and Hope the little boy, man I wanted to strangle him in the end.

    It seems that SquareEnix is a company that is creatively bankrupt.

    • Count me in ‘cuz i wanna strangle him too.

  6. Lightning is looking hooooot!

  7. looks amazing, should really try to complete 13, but because of the gameplay I get bored of it easily.

  8. i could barely hear the sound coming through my laptop for this so i spent 5 minutes hunting around for my headphones only to hear it in japanese and i was like omg!

    Anyway the game does look good hopefully this new guy is trying to resurrect the fal’cie and lightning is trying to stop him

    • Same here, could barely hear anything!!!

      Looks good, Lightning looks good in new shiny armour too! ;)

  9. If this plays like Final Fantasy XIII then I’m very excited to play it, overly thrilled if it plays like Final Fantasy XII though. I just need to beat Mission 64 with 5 stars then grind my way through making all the weapons/accessories. Great game though n lookin’ forward to the next one

  10. Looks good, as expected. I still hope they improve on the story!

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