Fotonica: You Need This Game Now

Every now and again an indie game comes along that blows you away, and today it’s the turn of Fotonica, a wonderful (and free) hybrid of Canabalt’s running, Mirrors Edge’s perspective (and hands) and Rez’s visual style.

It’s essentially a platform game, but viewed from the first person and stylish as anything else we’ve seen – your goal is just to get as far as you can by running and jumping onto platforms as they come, and only requires one button to play.

The skill is in navigating the platforms and pre-empting the jumps, and there’s a certain knack to landing correctly, but it all clicks pretty quickly and before long you realise you’ve spent an hour just holding down the space bar.

Surely the best possible sign.

Play it here. The game needs the Unity 3D plugin but that’s tiny, so don’t let it put you off; and if you do enjoy the game, why not let us know your high scores in the comments below for the first course…

Via GAF.


  1. Will be giving this a go this evening!

  2. Dammit, Nofi I have exams! I can’t be doing with free addictive games!

  3. I love indie games.
    I hope to make a game half as good as this one day – it’s absolutely wonderful.

    • The game isn’t too hard once you get the hang of it, but there’s a bit on level 3 where you get launched and then have a millisecond to jump again. That’s annoying.

    • If I didn’t know any better blair I’d have thought you were a spammer! All these double and triple posts (on an article yesterday). We all know you’re secret now, hoarding TSA points like there’s no tomorrow ;)

      • Bah, you’ve caught me.
        Not really, I just always get excited about things and forget to say things. Then I need to say them.

  4. i just tried it and once again because of the useless laptop i have, it just crashed. i remember when steam released portal for free so i got it, but as soon as the first portal opened the whole game just froze haha.

  5. Looks interesting, will give it a try when I have time.

  6. Doesn’t the PS3 browser have Unity 3D support? I think I remember reading it somewhere.

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