Top Spin 4 Dated, Gets Move Support

2K Sports has announced that ‘Top Spin 4’ will be sprinting its way to UK stores as of March 18th, which is the usual three days later than our friends across the pond.  The game is set to feature big names such as Rafael Nadal, Anna Ivanovic, and Andy Murray, and eagle eyed gamers have spotted a welcome ‘PlayStation Move Features’ label on the box cover.

It has since been confirmed that Move has indeed been implemented, and Kinect has not (which is probably for the best due to the precision needed).

Source: Press Release, Joystiq



  1. I’m looking forward to what motion controlled gaming will bring this year. Sony certainly need to pull their finger out with move, alhtough MS’s plugging seems to have noticably decreased since xmas.

    I imagine this year we will see a lot more games with Move support than Kinect. Not being fanboyish, but I just imagine designing a game with move support would be much easier than developing for kinect as far as multiplatform games go.

    • Im the same as you. The way I look at it is –

      Move is an addition to games to add a new concept. There are going to be few games that wouldnt work without move (just wouldnt be as much fun).

      Kinnect is game defining almost. It almost chooses the game, since it can’t be implemented on so many current genres.

      There are exceptions to this, but think this is a decent general view of it.

    • I thought of it, but I thought it was implied… honest *shifty look*

    • I agree, a lot of developers are announcing Move support, but no Kinect support for games. That’s Tiger Woods 12, Top Spin 4, Virtua Tennis 4, de Blob 2… pretty good from Sony’s point of view!

  2. Hmm I think virtua Tennis 4 will be the better game. Both with and without move.

    • I’m at an odds to understand how one tennis game could be better than another, surely once you have played one you have played em all, no?

      • Depends on how short the girls skirts are. Thats the make or break of it.

        Oh and when the girls make that totally unnecessary (but lovely) sound when they hit the ball. Get those two things right and the game is sold!

      • that’s like saying “once you’ve played a game, any game, you’ve played them all” which is complete and utter tosh.

        Top Spin has always been the better of the 2 franchises for me the controls, the graphics and the overall presentation, that being said, I’ve not seen anything of the latest 2 games, so it could have all changed.

  3. Top Spin 4 vs. Virtua Tennis 4! Let the war of the… umm… move-controlled Tennis games begin?

  4. firstly id like to say, the wealth of content in the last 2days, is very impressive & of the highest quality
    presentation & detail

    out of all of the news this year, possibly longer, a topspin announcement has to be my favourite before i’ve even read it
    so regret trading the last one, a mistake i wont make again

    topspin is to gaming tennis, as pes is to gaming football, a sim imo
    after kz3 & uc3, my most anticipated game thus far

  5. This could be amazing. I know I’ll be renting this at the very least.

  6. Can’t wait to give this one a play. Love getting the chance to use my move!

  7. cool an actual decent tennis game for move. since i bought move before christmas i have’nt bought a single game for it, as i think most of the move games out are poor and the rest im not interested in, so hopefully this tennis game might validate my purchase of move, unless sorcery comes out before it which i doubt.

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