‘PlayStation Suite’ Announced For Android Devices

As expected, the ‘PlayStation Meeting’ took place today in Tokyo, Japan and one of the new things announced was ‘PlayStation Suite.’ According to Sony, this new service is meant to bring PlayStation content to Android phones and tablets.  In doing this, Sony says that they’re attempting to draw in as many developers as they possibly can, while giving gamers the option of many different hardware choices.  One of those hardware choices will be the newly announced ‘NGP,’ as it will be compatible with PlayStation Suite content.

In case you’re worried about the level of quality we’ll see when launching games for so many different devices, they’ve got you covered.  They went on to reveal that they’ll be launching something called ‘PlayStation Certified’ with the goal of maintaining the level of quality you would expect from anything else with the PlayStation name.


Last, Sony announced that the PlayStation Store would be coming to Android devices as well, but at this time we’re unsure if that will be a part of PlayStation Suite, or if we’ll see a different app entirely.  As far as a release date for PlayStation Suite goes, Sony left a pretty open window by saying that it would be available “within the next calendar year.”

We’ll surely see more clarification on this announcement over the next few days, so stay tuned.



  1. lovely. just got a desire hd on 2 year contract so this will do me nicely

    • Just wait for the 2.3 update. Then its gravy!
      Get PSX4Droid…

    • Same here, just got it last week on an 18 month contract

  2. Sounds excellent, the button setup on the Xperia play coupled with this support may swing me away from the Tegra 2 handsets. The video of Engadget playing Nintendo emulators nearly sold it to me, this might push me over the edge.

  3. I guess this is why Sony weren’t too botheres about making the PSphone and the NGP their equivalent of the Iphone and Itouch, if they do this right they could have the best of both worlds. Sony has a whole lot of fingers in some very tasty pies at the moment… Mmmm Pieeeeeee!

  4. Can we have some Nokia love please Sony? Feeling neglected here :(

    • I’m getting sick of getting everything last or not at all, but just as it gets too much, I look at the N8 and the pain just goes away.
      Great phone, but imagine how good it would be with this?

  5. PlayStation Certified
    Does that extend to ALL playStation products?
    Something tells me call of duty will be recalled

    • I think it means that Sony will test android devices, and only android devices that meet certain requirements will be ‘PlayStation Certified’. Therefore any android devices that don’t meet the minimal requirement won’t work with ‘PlayStation Suite’.

      • …unless they’re rooted, surely.

  6. This + Motorola Xoom = One very happy KeRaSh. Bring it!

  7. Well since as I have lost another iphone I am gonna make do with this Blackberry and look forward to getting a PSP Phone….which I can lose :-(

    • How on earth did you lose an iPhone? Do you have a drink problem?

  8. I got my Nexus S 2 days ago, hope to god it gets it.

    • Youre all good as the Nexus S is 2.3 muhaha!

  9. Biggest news of the day, a real game-changer.

    now the decision is to go with the less well specced Xperia Play with the handy gaming controller or to go for a phone with bleeding edge tech but without the PS Phone’s controller.

  10. just got my andriod phone too. Lovely jubbly, thanks Sony.

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