Sony Announces Its ‘Next Generation Portable’

Sony has officially revealed the successor to the PSP, and it’s codenamed ‘NGP’. The device’s spec list reads like a techhead’s dream, with two cameras, a 5 inch OLED touchscreen (boasting 4x the resolution of the PSP), twin thumbsticks, a front and rear camera, Sixaxis motion control, 3G, WiFi and GPS, front and rear touchpads and an electronic compass. It will use flash based media, as we already hinted at a while back.


Games shown so far include Hot Shots Golf, Gravity Daze, Killzone, Reality Fighters, Smart As, Broken, LBP, Little Deviants, WipEout, Resistance, and Uncharted, and apparently look just as good as their PS3 counterparts.

Trophy support has also been confirmed, and a new UI called ‘LiveArea’ has been talked about.   The LiveArea UI is what Sony are calling the ‘gateway to the games’. and will include the ability to launch the game, jump straight to the Store for that game (for DLC, etc) and communicate with others playing the game, and see what they’re up to.

You can even comment on what they’re doing, such as when they get a good score, or hit other milestones.

Kaz Hirai was understandably proud of the NGP, which is still just a temporary name for what everyone will be calling the PSP2, but the specs are indeed impressive – but it’s the control options that’ll really wow audiences – the Uncharted demo offered a variety of inputs, including tapping the X button or the touch screen to jump.

Capcom, Sega, Tecmo Koei, Konami, Epic, and Activision are all supporting the new console, with Capcom showing Monster Hunter 3rd and Lost Planet 2. Tecmo showed off a demo of a touch-screen powered Musou, and Hideo Kojima showed off a realtime cut-scene of Metal Gear Solid 4, massively trumping the 3DS’s MGS3 demo.

“On NGP, we can enjoy the same quality as PS3,” he said. “What I’d like to realise is playing on your PS3, and when you go out, you put the game on your NGP, and when you come back home, you can once again use your PS3 and large screen TV.” We’re told to watch E3 for more on that.

Then, Epic showed off a realtime Epic Citadel-esque flythrough, and then Dungeon Defenders, which was apparently ported from PS3 to NGP in “about a week”, and Activision’s Philip Earl just said three words: “Call of Duty.” This could be huge.

It has also been confirmed that you can play downloadable PSP titles on the NGP.

Finally, Sony confirmed that it’ll be pushing PlayStation branded content to Android phones and other devices, you can read more about this aspect of the presentation here in a separate post.

We’ll be reporting on everything NGP throughout today, but for now here’s the official Fact Sheet.



  1. Wow, wasn’t expecting something as good as that! Well done Sony, maybe they do listen…..a little bit!

  2. I really want this right now! Next time i’m in town, it’s getting pre-ordered :P
    One thing that concerns me though is the analog sticks. Surely they’ll get snagged while being put in your pocket?

  3. I really wasn’t particularly interested in this tbh, but now I’ve seen the specs..want. Now.

    • I’m basically in the same position as you (oo er misses). I’m not a big fan of portable gaming, mainly cos I’d mainly want to do it while travelling, but it makes me travelsick when that’s the case! Even so, this is one seriously impressive piece of kit.

  4. Launching with a price tag of 1000$? :D Come on, something that does EVERYTHING can’t be cheap :P

  5. I hope we’ll be able to play PSP games that we bought of PSN on this. If so then it’ll be a day 1 purchase for me.

    • Third last paragraph: “It has also been confirmed that you can play downloadable PSP titles on the NGP”

      • Lol I was drawn to the pretty picture gallery underneath when I got that far through the article :D thanks for pointing it out.

  6. wow this looks awsome. guess i better get saving.

  7. Even if it could be over £250 I’m defo getting this

  8. Better start saving if I want this, which I do!

  9. Great games but again for a mobile device they’re primarily playable whilst you’re on a sofa and not in awaiting room or wherever, this is why I think the PlayStation Suite and the stuff devs develop for that will be critical if the device is going to appeal to people outside of the Sony’s core followers, but that will be on Android phones anyway

    Horsepower-wise the quad core processors are super powerful now for mobile devices but have been listed as being featured in 2011’s phones which you obviously upgrade to something more powerful every 1-2 years. The PowerVR GPU was rumoured a couple of years ago & sits halfway between the Xbox1 & 360

    Power consumption of a 5″ display, 2 capacitive touch areas all the PS Move tech gyroscopes & the latest CPU/GPU, WiFi & 3G sounds like it could be huge, will be interesting to see the battery life which I can’t imagine being great.

    Also price? Phones cost around £4-600 I wonder how Sony can crowbar all the above into a device which can’t realistically launch at over £250 & needs to get under £200 within a year.

    • I was getting a bit worried there cc, thankfully, your endearing cynicism has brought me crashing back down to earth ;-)

      • I’m not a fan of PSP gaming at all – I game tons on my iPhone, absolutely loads… but IMO the games are better suited to being mobile, for me anyway.

        A PSP on steroids therefore isn’t going to do that much for me – I just can’t imagine a situation where I’m mobile and can crack open a 1-2hr session of Uncharted & the like.

        The specs sound huge, but next month at MWC there will be loads of quad core phones announced and all of a sudden this über-powerful NGP is as powerful as a 2011 mobile phone, which you can upgrade in 2012 or so and you’re not stuck with it for 5 years. So I’m not openly masturbating about the spec.

        what I see as hugest news is the PlayStation Suite for Android, that is a real game-changer but then I can go and get a quad-core Android phone subsidised on a contract and not fork out nearly £400 (or whatever) for this. Sure I’ll miss on on portable versions of Uncharted etc but like I’ve said, when I’m mobile I ain’t going to be playing them anyway.

        Mobile phones have changed the face of mobile gaming, the specs of this year’s phones will be similar to this, and they’ll be subsidised, in the past I would have thought the NGP was a device for the future, but not now in many ways it’s for a different future that isn’t going to happen thanks to iPhones and the emerging Android (especially with PlayStation Suite on it)

    • And there’s the rub. The specs are through the roof and I see no way of Sony preventing the price from doing the same thing. Hardcore PSP fans (like a lot of folks on TSA) will undoubtedly have a semi-on just reading the article but the real world situation is that it could easily be too expensive and mass appeal will never gain traction – just like the PSP. I so desperately want Sony to recognise what they need to do when it comes to delivering a great handheld console (not just great technology) but this is going to smart when it comes to parting with cash.

      The very reason an iPhone is even remotely affordable is due to its monthly payments as part of a contract. The first thing I thought about was “it isn’t a phone but it’s got everything else that trumps an iPhone 4”. If they get this under £300 I’ll be impressed.

      • Oh yeah undoubtedly. But then again, I’m always nursing a semi. You know, just in case…

      • I can see this happening as well, it is like they are repeating the mistakes of the PSP and the PS3 all over again. Sony just don’t seem to realise that people want affordability over power. Surely the Wii is proof enough!

  10. Don’t think my wife is going to like me buying another game system (have Wii, PS3, 3 PSPs as well as older consoles stashed away). At least this is small and can be hidden.

    • lol, same here! what she can’t see can’t harm!

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