Sony: “Over 69 Million PlayStation Network Accounts”

Before getting in to the gargantuan news that is the ‘NGP‘ during their PlayStation Meeting that just took place, Sony took a moment to recognise the PlayStation Network, and how important it has become to the PlayStation brand.  They started by announcing that they “have exceeded over 69 million PSN accounts as of January 25th,” and went on to say that “more than 80% of PS3 consoles are connected to the internet.”

The latter I can believe, but the total number of PSN accounts is a little mind boggling.  It was only a couple of weeks ago that Sony themselves announced that number to be at 60 million, but now it’s over 69?  Sounds very strange to me, but then again, I don’t think anyone really knows exactly how those numbers are calculated.



  1. Doesn’t sounds so impossible to me. But it’s not stated how many people have more than one account. I have two even though I only use one and somone on here said they have about 5 or 6. It all adds up.

    • Lots of people will have multiple accounts, but as they are linked to unique e-mail accounts there will be no way of Sony to validate them. I think it will have to be taken with a big pinch of salt! But well done on them for getting that much exposure out there!

    • Though if you pretend that everyone only has one account, it would mean that approximately 1% of the Earths population has a PSN account…

  2. Impressive numbers, but I’m sure there are plenty of people with at least 2 PSN accounts.

    • I have 3

    • I set up a American account but deleted it after a few months as I never used it so just have the one now.

    • I have loads for different countries, mainly use my American and Japanese outside of my own of course. :)

  3. Bloodly hell. Was it not long ago Sony said there were 60million?
    Also when i was reading this i was listening to the MGS3 theme song so this make it a epic achievement.

  4. The numbers for PSN accounts can’t be real, many gamer have at least 2 or 3 to see what happening in the US and Asian store.

    • Note: “69 million PSN accounts,” not “69 million PSN users.”

      VAST difference.

  5. “It was only a couple of weeks ago that Sony themselves announced that number to be at 60 million, but now it’s over 69?”

    That was my fault. I created quite a few accounts on a whim and then added them as friends on my main account so I could feel popular.

    • You added 9 million accounts to get all the birthday cars in gt5??

  6. I have 3

    My main british one – woop woop
    My American One
    My Japanese One

    Best of all three erm, worlds :-)

  7. Remember as well, that Qriocity is a PSN account, also the comment accounts on the PlayStation blogs are as well (they converted all their previous accounts to PSN accounts a few years back), so potentially there are many many accounts out there owned by people who don’t even have a PSN device.

  8. Makes me even more pleased to have my PSN ID of JackDusty. Clean, memorable, spelt properly and no numbers or symbols. I bet its near impossible to get that now.

    • Definitely. You’ve already got it :P

  9. Plus the fact that alot of gt5 players/traders have more than 2 accounts, sometimes upto 9 accounts.

    • Exactly my thought. I’m sure the GT5 birthday/car duping crowd have caused a spike in new accounts being opened

  10. with multiple accounts that number is easy to believe.
    you can bet ms counted multiple accounts when they announced how many live accounts there were.

    80% of all ps3s online though, that’s pretty impressive.

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