New PS3 Firmware Prevents HDD Upgrade?

We’ve been tipped off that there might be a small issue with the latest PlayStation 3 firmware, 3.56, which was pushed out to consoles yesterday. A number of users over on the EU community forums have signalled that the latest firmware has prevented them from changing the hard disk in their beloved black beast.

According to a user named Zero86-Sk, who cites NeoGaf and the High Def Forum as his source, the following model numbers are suffering from the issue:

  • CECH-20..A
  • CECH-20..B
  • CECH-21..A
  • CECH-21..B
  • CECH-250.A
  • CECH-250.B
  • CECH-250.A
  • CECH-250.B
  • CECH-251.A
  • CECH-251.B

That’s all of the slimmer model units and many of the newer “phat” machines. Apparently, this is a recurrence of an issue that was first seen with an older firmware update which Sony were later able to fix so hopefully it won’t take them long to push out a quick fix for this one either. In the meantime, it might be best to leave that hdd upgrade until you hear more news.

Thanks, Jay



  1. Oh bugger I was upgrading hubbies PS3 tomorrow :(

    • Oh no you’re not! (panto voice)

      • “He’s behind you!!!” No, really, he is! Watch out.

      • I suppose I’ll have to be the one to sing a cheesy song.

    • Maybe ok though, he has my launch model backwards compatible 40g.

      • Yeah sounds like it’s only the newer models.

    • I just upgraded mine a week ago. I was supposed to wait until this week cause the HDD I ordered wasn’t in stock, but couldn’t wait any longer so changed out the 500GB to a 320GB with higher RPM and got it earlier…

  2. that sucks…….

  3. I hope it’s sorted soon, I ordered a 500gb hard drive for my PS3 as it started to lack in spcae

  4. Hopefully it won’t have a retro effect, killing already-upgraded PS3s, or I’m toast.

    • yh, is it retro-active?

      • No, it’s not. I’m on 3.56 in a slim with a 500gb drive and all is just hunky dory.

    • I’m telling you, that would slaughter this weekend.

  5. Oh great and i was thinking of upgrading my HDD since 80GB isn’t enough guess i’ll have to wait then

  6. I upgraded my drive about three weeks ago.

  7. I wonder how it effects PS3s bricked by hard disc failures? I only ask because that happenned to me this time last week, I can almost consider myself lucky that it occurred when it did.

  8. It’s a shame that his issue mars what was otherwise a superb anti-CFW patch.

    Other rumours out there are that when you sign in with a CFW, Sony can check every file in the FW to see that it’s identical to the sole approved FW. There’s no way to get past this, apparently, as if they can deactivate the check, then Sony just jot down which consoles have bypassed it.

    Second rumour is that they can then force your PS3 to download and install a legitimate FW.

    Simply, the only way to keep your hacked PS3 safe is to never connect it to the net. Not even allow it basic network access on ports 80 and 443, which are your standard HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Heck, just keep it off your wireless router.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the PSP2 will have 3G so that it can phone home when it boots up too…

    • I like all of those rumours!

      • me too, all of them combined with the auto-update feature in PS+ made standart for firmware will really put a dent in people using CFW

  9. coincidence, or another piracy security measure?

    • I’d go for option 3: It’s a f***-up. :-)

  10. Oh dear oh dear, hopefully Sonys boffins can sort this out, my 60gig is jam packed and I have ME:2 to install soon.

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