Win Big with Hydrophobia

Here’s a good way to get your game’s position as an Xbox Live Deal of the Week featured on TheSixthAxis: Give stuff away. We don’t normally report on Microsoft’s weekly discounts for Gold Live members, even when they’re as good as getting Hydrophobia Pure, the much improved patched up version of the game, for only 400MSP.

So why are we reporting it now? Well, aside from simply being fans of the game, we’re impressed with what Dark Energy Digital is doing in conjunction with the discount. The developer has taken the interesting step of running a sweepstake too. The game is included with the water-themed Deal of the Week between January 31st and February 6th. Everyone over the age of 18 that downloads Hydrophobia Pure during that time will be entered into a draw to win a cruise vacation or beach holiday up to a total value of $4,500.

If the winner is a US resident they will have the option of a cruise worth up to $4,500 while UK residents will be able to avoid those pesky Malthusians by selecting a beach holiday worth up to $3,000 (with taxes and fees blamed for the value discrepancy).

So that’s a great game, which just got patched to systematically address every criticism of it, and the chance to win a fantastic holiday, all at a cost of around £3. You’d be crazy not to.


  1. Three green queens? Count me in. Rude not to. Thanks for the heads-up, CB. :-)

  2. UK and US only?

  3. That’s an amazing price. However, sadly I sold my 360 some time ago, looking forward to playing this off the PSN. Be nice to think that PS+ members might receive a discount …

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